Novant Health House Calls

Novant Health’s House Calls program is designed to improve value-based health outcomes and continuity of care for eligible patients age 65 and older. Alongside Novant Health’s managed care team, case management team and select physicians, we stratify, identify and reach out to patients to close specific gaps in care. As part of each visit, the House Calls team not only reaches out to primary care providers in advance, but also ensures a referral back to primary care providers after the visit.

Novant Health House Calls

Novant Health House Calls provides a safe and convenient alternative to patients who have outstanding care gaps, have difficulty getting to their primary care physician’s office, or are homebound. The program focuses primarily on:

  • Annual wellness visits.
  • Documentation and short-term management of specific chronic health conditions.
  • Checkups on patients who have recently been discharged from a hospital or clinic following a surgery or other medical procedure.
  • Patients who visit the hospital frequently.

Novant Health House Calls are conducted by nurse practitioners or physician assistants who provide the same high-quality safe care that would be provided at a clinic, all while following COVID-19 best practices. They can:

  • Perform physical examinations.
  • Administer vaccines and other injections.
  • Order labs and draw blood.
  • Order diagnostic tests, such as X-rays.
  • Provide patient education and counseling.
  • Make referrals.
  • Respond to patients in urgent situations.  

While the House Calls team does not replace a primary care provider, it does serve to extend the care team’s reach and responsiveness. Have questions about the program? Please email us at [email protected].


I’m a provider. Can I refer my patients to the program?

Yes, providers can refer into the program, but please reach out to our team to discuss specific referrals in advance. Generally speaking, patients are a good fit for the program if they:

  • Live within in our geographic service areas
  • Are 65+
  • Have an outstanding care gap(s)
  • Are in a value-based program
  • Face a barrier getting to the clinic

I’m a patient. Can I request a home visit from the House Calls team?

We are excited you’re interested in a visit! Please start with a call or message to your primary care provider, who can help you decide if a home visit is right for you. Please note that House Calls is not a replacement for primary care. If you are looking for a primary care provider, a great place to start is the Novant Health Provider Finder tool.