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Clinical research can help us find new treatments

We are committed to providing you and your family with the best medical treatments and medication possible. Medical research is a part of that important work. Research through clinical trials can help us find new ways to prevent, detect or treat diseases. Our research may focus on new drugs or new drug combinations. Clinical trials also can help us develop new ways to use existing treatments or new surgical procedures or devices.

Research helps make it possible to serve our community with innovative treatments and progressive healthcare before these are widely available. Novant Health’s clinical research can include a variety of studies, such as:

  • Clinical trials focusing on medications or medical devices that are being developed
  • Research focusing on patient chart reviews, to ensure that our treatment plans are in line with national standards
  • Process improvements to increase the efficiency of patient care or create a better working environment for our team members

Volunteering to participate in clinical research can help the medical community develop therapies that we will rely on in the future. Our research teams are made up of physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals.

Because clinical trials are often designed to test the effectiveness and safety of medications and medical devices, benefits are not guaranteed. Some trials may involve risks, as with routine medical care and even daily activities. Our medical teams clearly explain the risks and benefits of our clinical trials, so patients are informed to make a decision about participating.