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Specialized treatment for women’s cancers

A gynecologic cancer diagnosis can be physically and emotionally challenging. If you’re facing ovarian, endometrial, cervical or another women’s cancer, you want to ensure you have a team of specially trained experts by your side. Novant Health Cancer Institute brings together physicians, nurses, clinicians and support teams that give you answers, leading-edge treatments and real hope.

Concerned about your cancer risk?
If breast, ovarian or endometrial / uterine cancer runs in your family or if you have a known genetic mutation such as BRCA 1 or 2 or Lynch Syndrome, you may be at higher risk to develop the disease. Taking time to talk to a genetic counselor or visit one of our cancer risk clinics may help answer questions and create a plan for a healthy future. Learn more about cancer risk & genetic counseling.

Your team of specialists focuses on you and your treatment

We have a team of experts who will customize your gynecologic cancer care based on your individual case. The dedicated professionals that work closely with you include experts from surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, nutrition, patient navigation, clinical research, psychosocial support services and symptom management.  Patients being treated at our Charlotte and Winston-Salem facilities will be cared for by our specially trained gynecologic oncologists.

Cancer patient navigators help you through your treatment

If you are facing a gynecologic cancer diagnosis, you will have many questions and concerns that need to be addressed. That’s why we provide our cancer patient navigators to support you and your family through your fight against this disease. These specially trained registered nurses are always available to you, beginning at diagnosis and continuing through treatment and recovery.

Clinical trials offer treatments not widely available

We participate in national and international clinical research trials, giving you opportunities to receive cancer treatments not widely available elsewhere.

Cancer support for you and your family

A gynecologic cancer diagnosis can be challenging both for the patient and the family. At Novant Health Cancer Institute, we offer support services like counseling, support groups, financial resource guidance, case management and educational seminars to help deal with the mental, emotional and financial aspects of a diagnosis.

Symptom management to improve your quality of life

At Novant Health, part of your gynecologic cancer treatment is helping you manage the physical side effects of the disease as well as its treatment. We offer nutrition counseling, yoga, massage and exercise programs, all lead by cancer experts specially trained to improve your symptoms during your treatment and recovery.

We also offer the daVinci Surgical System. This robotic technology enables your surgeon’s hand movements to be translated into the precise movements of micro-instruments within the operative site.