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Annual advances in cancer treatments and positive outcomes

When facing a cancer diagnosis, you want to know your care is based on the best research and most up-to-date cancer treatment guidelines. At Novant Health, we are dedicated to continual quality initiatives that translate into improved patient outcomes. By partnering with our physicians, we’re able to track important data like proper work-up, treatment and surveillance for each patient. We then compare our information to national guidelines to enure we’re offering care that is at, or above, the standard. All of this data is shared with cancer-based accrediting agencies and it plays an important role in maintaining our certifications.

An emerging area in the field of cancer quality is post-treatment surveillance. As more survivors are living longer and living better, we’re learning more about the importance of standardized follow-up, or survivorship, care. This information is also collected, compared to national benchmarks and shared with appropriate accrediting agencies.

While Novant Health conducts hundreds of quality improvement studies each year, they are all done with one thing in mind: improving patient outcomes.

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