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Cancer Institute

Lung Nodule Evaluation Program

Managing lung cancer risk through screening

Sometimes the medical care you receive can help you uncover health concerns before symptoms can be noticed.

Some of our medical centers offer a Lung Nodule Evaluation Program, which improves early lung cancer detection rates by examining pulmonary nodules found on CT scans. This early detection can lead to improved treatment options and increased survival rates. A collaboration between radiology, pulmonary, thoracic and oncology experts, the Lung Nodule Evaluation Program provides ongoing care for patients with benign or malignant lung nodules.

How does lung nodule evaluation work?

Step 1: Often, pulmonary nodules are discovered from a CT scan. While these pulmonary nodules are typically non-cancerous and non-harmful to your health, it is important to monitor them on a regular basis to be sure that lung cancer is not developing.

Step 2: If you have any pulmonary nodules, your cancer patient navigator will work together with physicians (including your primary care physician) on a recommended plan of care.

Step 3: You may be asked to schedule an appointment with a pulmonologist to discuss your family history, risk factors and next steps.

Step 4: If lung cancer is discovered, you will immediately be connected with a lung cancer patient navigator and our Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Clinics, located in Charlotte and Winston-Salem. There, our cancer specialists meet to review your case and provide a comprehensive recommendation for your treatment.

Are you a candidate?

To learn whether you are an appropriate candidate, contact the Lung Nodule Evaluation Program nurse practitioner at 704-384-9956.