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Breast health screenings

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Screening can help protect you from breast cancer and other illnesses

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, your best defense against breast cancer is screening exams according to recommended schedules. These exams can help detect problems early, at the most treatable stages:

  • Breast self-exam – Routine breast self-examinations can help you become aware of how your breasts normally feel, so you can easily identify changes.
  • Clinical breast exam – Make sure a breast exam is a part of your annual physical. If you have noticed changes in your breasts since your last physical, be sure to share this information with your healthcare provider.
  • Mammograms – The X-rays used for mammography produce images that can save lives. Your medical team can see even small changes in your breast tissue, as well as abnormalities. Most of our locations offer the newer technology of 3-D mammography. Also called tomosynthesis, this procedure has superior accuracy, showing breast tissue in layers.
  • In some cases, your physician may order breast exams, such as noninvasive breast MRI or breast ultrasound. Your doctor may recommend an abbreviated screening breast MRI if you have dense breast tissue. One or more of these exams may be appropriate if your doctor finds an abnormality such as fibrocystic breast disease.