Psychiatry & Mental Health Institute

Your care team

When you can’t do it alone,
we can help

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and you shouldn’t have to face them alone. If you need professional help for your physical, spiritual and emotional needs, you can trust the talented clinicians at Novant Health to help you get better and stay well.

Your care team will include behavioral health professionals who will focus on different aspects of your care. Our clinicians, who have a wide range of expertise and will take the time to get to know you – by having conversations and making connections, include:

  • Psychiatrists - Communicate with the treatment team in developing your plan of care; prescribe medications; make rounds daily; authorize leaves of absence.
  • Nurses - Develop and implement a nursing plan of care in collaboration with the physician, treatment team, you and your family; are available for individual time; lead groups; provide you and your family with education related to your illness and medications; facilitate discharge planning.
  • Clinical social workers - Obtain background information; provide marital and family therapy; facilitate groups; assist with your discharge planning.
  • Dual diagnosis counselors - Assess the patient with a mental illness and/or chemical dependency diagnosis to develop a plan of care; facilitate daily treatment groups; coordinate continuing care after discharge.
  • Psychologists - Provide testing when ordered by your psychiatrist.
  • Recreation therapists - Use educational therapies to help you identify coping skills to deal with stressors, express yourself more effectively, improve self-esteem and provide opportunities for social interaction; coordinate special unit events and volunteer services.
  • Psychiatric technicians - Take your vital signs; escort you to tests; be available to assist with your daily activities; talk with you; reinforce the therapy you are receiving on the unit; facilitate educational groups.
  • Hospital chaplains - Available to assist with your spiritual needs, if you desire.
  • Dietitians - Available upon request; dietitians assist with dietary choices and also provide a weekly nutrition group.
  • Students - Work individually with patients under the supervision of an instructor from an accredited school.

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