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Novant Health is dedicated to providing your community with the best possible healthcare services and we do so with a relentless commitment toward quality.

One of the best ways to rate healthcare quality is through data collected by independent sources. Novant Health voluntarily participates in programs to measure our performance and to compare results with other hospitals throughout the nation. We believe participation in these programs is important to help patients in our communities make informed decisions about their healthcare.

What are we measuring and why?

To ensure our patients are getting the best healthcare possible and to better serve our communities, we track many different quality measures on patients. A quality measure is medical information from patient records converted into a rate or percentage that shows how well hospitals care for their patients.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services publishes the results of several patient quality measures at hospitals across the U.S., including Novant Health. We use this data to create an appropriate care measure, which is a patient-centered composite score that captures whether or not a patient received all of the recommended treatments they were eligible to receive based on their specific condition.

The key measurement areas in which Novant Health participates include:

We hope this information can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare. If there is anything else we can do or any additional information we can provide to ensure you are getting the best care possible, use our contact form to let us know.