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Central line associated bloodstream infection

Committed to preventing bloodstream infections

A bloodstream infection occurs when bacteria or germs travel along a “central line” and enter the blood. A central line is a very thin catheter or tube that is placed in a large vein in the neck, chest, arm or groin. It is used to take blood samples and to administer fluids and/or medications. The central line may be left in place for several weeks or for the duration of a treatment.

At Novant Health, our goal is to eliminate all central line infections. We continue to promote adherence to safe practices: good hand hygiene by caregivers, proper barrier precautions when placing a line (for example, drapes for the patient as well as mask and gloves for staff), proper skin cleansing, choosing the safest location for a central line and finally, daily review of the need for the line and prompt removal of unnecessary lines. When an infection is identified, an analysis of the cause is performed immediately to identify opportunities to improve care.

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