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Ask Me 3

Improving health through communication

Understanding health information can affect everyone regardless of background or educational level. According to The Partnership for Clear Health Communication, limited literacy skills are a stronger predictor of an individual's health status than age, income, employment status, education level, and racial or ethnic group.

That’s why Novant Health is implementing Ask Me 3™, which was created by the Partnership for Clear Health Communication in order to empower you to become a more active partner in your care and increase your understanding of your health.

When using Ask Me 3™, you are encouraged to ask 3 simple (yet, essential) questions whenever you have a conversation with your healthcare provider:

1. What is my main problem?

2. What do I need to do about it?

3. Why is it important for me to do this?

By asking and understanding the answers to these three questions, you can take action to manage your health and make informed decisions.

We encourage you to use Ask Me 3™ with all of your healthcare providers (including your pharmacist). If you don’t understand something, we want you to ask for more information.

We also encourage you to invite a family member or trusted friend to go with you to your appointments to listen and take notes.

For the past few years, Novant Health has worked to offer our patients the most remarkable experience in every dimension, every time. That’s not just a catch phrase, it’s our Vision, and we actively incorporate it into everything that we do. Throughout our journey to the remarkable patient experience, we've adopted some nationally recognized health initiatives, as well as developed our own unique strategies that will improve patient safety, increase your understanding of your condition and may enhance the overall satisfaction with your health care experience.

Visit the Partnership for Clear Health Communications website for more information on the Ask Me 3™ program.