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Health insurance marketplace

Terms to know

Here are some basic terms you should know as you shop for a health plan or look for a doctor:

  • Open enrollment - A period of time in which you can purchase an individual health insurance plan
  • Special enrollment - There may be some exceptions which allow you to enroll outside of open enrollment. Visit HealthCare.gov for more information.
  • Premium - Your payment for a health insurance plan, usually a monthly payment
  • Out-of-pocket costs - Your share of healthcare costs
  • Deductible - The amount you owe for covered healthcare services before the insurance company starts to pay
  • Co-pay - A fixed amount you owe for covered healthcare services usually due at the time of the service
  • Co-insurance - The ¬†amount you owe for healthcare services after the deductible is met
  • Savings - A type of discount or tax credit. If you qualify, it will help lower your insurance premiums or out-of-pocket costs.