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    • Bullies Go High-Tech

      You can now add bullying to the list of things made easier by technology. Bullies use e-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging on cell phones to reach victims.

    • Get Your Kids to Log Off

      Rising "screen time" can cost kids the exercise they need to keep fit.

    • Television and Children

      TV programs can be educational, but many children watch too much television. TV may also show children behavior that you do not want them to imitate.

    • TV vs. Activity: Key Choice for Kids

      New studies show that a sedentary child will likely become a sedentary adult, and a sedentary life leads to a host of health problems, from obesity to heart disease.

    • Video Games: More Losers than Winners

      Video games can take up too much of your kids' time. They may keep your kids from schoolwork and isolate them from family and friends. They can fuel obesity by limiting physical activity.