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    • Avoid Cane and Walker Injuries

      Walking aids can help you stay mobile—but only when they’re used safely.

    • Be in the Know When on the Go in Winter

      If you live in an area where winter brings snow, slush and ice, the best advice about driving in these conditions is not to. But if you must venture out, be prepared.

    • Do I Really Need a Fire Extinguisher?
    • How to Prevent Identity Theft

      Luckily, having your identity stolen is far from inevitable. It just takes a little vigilance on your part to keep your identity safe on your computer and out of the hands of would-be thieves.

    • In Case of Emergency...Be Ready for Anything

      Don't wait to think about disaster until you're dealing with one. In the hurried confusion, you're likely to miss important items as you prepare your home or leave to seek shelter.

    • Preparing for Severe Winter Weather

      Knowing how to prepare for a storm, and what to do during and after one, can help keep you and your family safe.

    • Prevent Accidents in Your Home

      The first and most important rule for preventing accidents is to use common sense. Many in-home accidents occur because people are in a hurry, take shortcuts or do things that they know are not safe.

    • Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault

      Rape can happen to anyone—children, grandmothers, students, working women, wives, mothers, and even males.

    • Simple Ways to Make Your Home Safer

      The safer and more livable you make your home, the longer you can maintain your independence and avoid debilitating injuries.

    • Street Smarts: How to Protect Yourself When Walking

      Walking alone on the street—especially as a woman carrying a purse—can still be a dangerous thing to do. You can take a few easy steps to minimize your risk when walking on the street, whether it’s at night or any other time. Here are some tips.

    • Take Care When You Take a Walk

      Children and older adults are two groups at higher risk for injury as pedestrians. Here are some ideas on how to help keep them safe when they are on the street.