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    • 10 Reasons to Keep Fit as You Age

      "Physical activity has been engineered out of our daily lives," laments an expert on preventing disease. "We used to rake leaves by hand and walk to the market. Now we have leaf blowers and take the car everywhere." So here is a list of 10 reasons why you should make physical activity a part of your everyday life.

    • Exercise and the Older Adult

      Exercise is good for people of all ages. It helps lower blood pressure, reduces the risks for falls and serious injuries, and slows the body's loss of muscle and bone mass.

    • Exercise for Home Bodies

      The experts who tell us we need more exercise agree on one thing. Doing something, they say, is better than doing nothing.

    • Exercise Ideas for Older Adults

      Finding ways to get exercise as you get older is a smart and easy way to stay fit and improve your health.

    • For Seniors: How About Losing Weight Today?

      Some weight gain is unavoidable, because as the body ages, body fat increases as lean muscle mass and bone mass decrease. Body weight increases until you reach age 60, when it begins to decline.

    • Give Your Health a Lift

      Weight lifting is one of the fastest-growing U.S. fitness activities. And the American Heart Association recently threw its weight behind weight lifting, too.

    • High Impact a Boon for Older Bones

      New research shows that it’s never too late to start exercising—and building bone.

    • Making Decisions About Fitness

      First decide how you can make exercise a priority. One idea: Put your workout on the calendar just like any other appointment.

    • Move to the Music: Dancing as Exercise

      The benefits of dancing go well beyond heart health and physical fitness. Dancing, especially group dance activities, provides opportunities for people of all ages to be socially and mentally engaged, as well.

    • Seniors Can Volunteer Their Way to Fitness

      If you try to exercise by yourself, you'll generally come up with any excuse not to do it. With volunteering, you are involved with a group where you have to make a commitment. You're not going to let the group down.

    • Warm-water Exercises for Older Adults

      Older adults who want to improve their physical health are turning to warm-water exercise.

    • You Can Be Your Own Fitness Coach

      If you don’t have the time or money to meet with a trainer, just hire yourself to get the job done.