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    • Podcast: A Deadly Code of 'Honor'

      Men who live in the South and West are more likely to live by a code that values defending one’s honor at all costs. That mindset is linked to higher rates of accidental death.

    • Podcast: A Healthy Heart Can Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

      Since the commercial success of drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, more men feel comfortable talking with their doctors about erectile dysfunction (ED). That’s particularly good news for their hearts.

    • Podcast: Bison: Give It a Grill

      To many people, grilling signifies summer. Favored spoils of the season: steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs. You may also want to toss some bison on those grates.

    • Podcast: Bone Health Isn’t Just a Woman's Concern

      Many men may rank heart disease as a top health concern. Focused on their tickers, they may ignore or not realize how important bone health is, too. Osteoporosis—a disease that weakens and breaks bones—affects upward of 9 million men in the U.S.

    • Podcast: Construction Workers at High Risk for Injury and Illness

      Despite steps taken to reduce injuries on construction sites, a new report found that workers have a 75 percent chance of suffering a disabling injury over a 45-year career and a one-in-200 risk of being fatally injured on the job.

    • Podcast: Defeat the Pattern of Male-Pattern Baldness

      Hair loss is a topic most men don’t want to discuss. Yet it affects more than two-thirds of them by age 35. Nearly 85 percent of men will have thinning hair by age 50.

    • Podcast: Easing Your Concerns About a Prostate Exam

      Visiting your doctor may not always be the most pleasant experience, especially if you need to have a digital rectal exam, or DRE. Like the Pap test for women, a DRE makes many men feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

    • Podcast: Eat Well for Stronger Sperm

      Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health – and may also be the underpinning of healthy sperm. Researchers say a healthy diet seems to improve both the number of sperm and their motility, a measure of how well sperm move around.

    • Podcast: Erectile Dysfunction Tied to Sleep Disorder

      A follow-up study on men with restless legs syndrome (RLS) confirms that having the sleep disorder increases the risk for impotence.

    • Podcast: Fitness May Trump Weight for Good Health

      Question: Which is more important for health, how much your weigh or how fit you are?

    • Podcast: Gene Raises Risk for Pancreatitis in Men Who Drink

      Genetics can play a role in whether you develop certain diseases. Think heart disease. Your risk for this condition is higher if you have a family history of it. A new study suggests that genetics may also up the risk for chronic pancreatitis in some

    • Podcast: How Safe Is Your Home?

      A home should be a haven—a place where you rest and enjoy time with family—a place of safety and security. But that isn't always the case.

    • Podcast: Men at Risk for Knee Cartilage Damage

      Although women are more likely to injure their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), men with an ACL injury are more likely to develop a hole in their cartilage after surgical repair.

    • Podcast: Narcissistic Men at Risk for Health Problems

      Narcissism – that inflated sense of self-importance that often interferes with relationships – appears to play a negative role in men’s health, as well, according to a new study.

    • Podcast: PSA Test May Help Some Men

      An expert panel says that men with a life expectancy of more than 10 years should talk with their doctor about getting a PSA test for prostate cancer. This recommendation comes in response to a federal group’s recent advice against PSA screening.

    • Podcast: Refinements to PSA Testing May Save Lives

      Changing the way the PSA screening test is scheduled could help more men find prostate cancer early, as well as reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.

    • Podcast: Smoking Speeds Men’s Mental Decline

      Men who smoke in middle age have a more rapid decline in memory, learning, and thinking than women who smoke. And the effects linger even after men quit smoking.

    • Podcast: Treating Sleep Apnea May Help Men's Sex Life

      Younger men who have sleep apnea often also have erectile dysfunction. But researchers say that treating the sleep disorder has a side benefit: It may boost sexual performance.

    • Podcast: When Real Men Become Fathers

      Fatherhood brings many changes, but one of them may be particularly surprising: a drop in testosterone levels. Researchers suspect it’s because a man with children no longer needs to compete with other men for a mate.