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Health information

On-site and online library
of health topics

We believe that good healthcare starts long before you step into the doctor’s office or hospital. It starts with you making informed decisions about your personal health and wellness. One of the ways we assist you in making informed decisions is by providing medical information through our on-site health libraries and our online health library.

On-site health libraries - These resources provide the most up-to-date information using exclusive medical references, online databases, journals and books to help you find answers to your health-related questions. We have on-site librarians and staff that can help you research any topic.

Online health library - Our online health library provides access to topics of discussion and specific disease information, including:

  • Disease and condition information
  • Test and procedure information
  • Drug references
  • Interactive tools (calculators, quizzes, and risk assessments)
  • Podcasts
  • Multimedia
  • Family health information
  • Health news

While this library provides only basic information, we hope it will start a conversation about your health and assist you in making informed decisions.

If you have additional questions about our health library, contact the Novant Health hospital nearest you.

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