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Taking advantage of technology

Caregiving is an all day, every day challenge. And while technological advancements can’t solve all the problems you’ll encounter as a caregiver, they can help with things such as finding information, care organization and making care easier to manage.

Consider incorporating some of these technology options into your caregiving routine to make providing care easier for you and your family:

  • Computer – Use a word processing program to keep care notes; a database to track information; the Internet to research medications or therapies, or participate in online support groups; or email to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Tablet – In addition to Internet access for research and email, you can also watch movies, play games or read digital books during your “off” time.
  • Smartphone applications – Download apps to help manage finances, reorder prescriptions, play games, log medications or research health information.
  • Online calendar – A free shared calendar, such as Google Calendar, can help coordinate family visits and doctors’ visits, especially if several people share the responsibility for taking your parent to appointments.
  • Web cams – Make it easier for your parent to chat with out-of-town family by using a video conferencing tool, such as Skype or FaceTime.
  • Digital picture frame – Share pictures of family and friends with your parent to ensure they feel connected. The frame’s memory card can be updated regularly and can hold thousands of pictures.
  • MP3 player – Record music, electronic books or meditation exercises to help relax you or your parent.