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Use these resources to find news updates, safety guidelines and other information from Novant Health as well as state and national agencies working to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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We’re learning more each day about what we can do to protect ourselves and loved ones as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold. Find up-to-date information from Novant Health experts that you can use to make decisions about medical care and safety.

COVID-19 vaccine safety

Bringing the COVID-19 vaccines to you and your family called for three phases of clinical trials with strict guidelines.

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Which vaccine is best?

With supplies limited, health experts recommend taking the vaccine that is available as soon as you can get an appointment.

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COVID-19 twice?

After a coronavirus infection, you will likely have some immunity from COVID-19 but could become sick again within six months.

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Do I need one mask or two?

New strains of the novel coronavirus are causing illness across the nation. Once again, masks are important for protection.

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When is it safe to unmask?

Even after your second dose of the vaccine, you’ll need to take precautions, including wearing a mask.

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Getting the vaccine

Use this information to find out how you can get scheduled for your first and second COVID-19 vaccinations.

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COVID-19: The facts

Get answers to your questions about COVID-19 headaches and remedies, rules for quarantine, and fertility after your vaccination.

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Is it allergies or coronavirus?

Here are 4 ways you can tell whether your symptoms might be a coronavirus infection rather than the usual seasonal allergies.

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Fertility and the vaccine

Research is debunking myths that have raised concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine having links to infertility among women.

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Wisdom of at-home workouts

Keep up a rigorous fitness regimen when you must forego a visit to the gym. These exercises will give you good results.

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More resources

There’s much more to learn about staying safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Find answers to your questions.

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Public health resources

These organizations are committed to helping you find reliable information and science-based research about the coronavirus, COVID-19 and other public health matters affecting our communities.