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Numbers can help save your life

video remarkable youFrom passwords to clothing sizes to birthdays, you know a lot of numbers by heart. But do you know 3 key numbers that identify prediabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity? Novant Health is committed to helping you know the numbers that may save your life. Watch this video to learn more.

Understanding chronic disease

pharmacist and patientChronic diseases are long-lasting conditions that can be controlled but not cured. Many chronic diseases, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease, are preventable and can be effectively controlled when addressed early.

Stress and chronic disease: A toxic relationship

stress imageStudies show 3 out of 4 doctor’s visits are due to stress-related ailments and complaints. And the Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that stress costs American industries more than $300 billion annually. Learn why dialing back stress is critical for better health.

Healthy recipes

healthy recipe imageEating healthy is important for your wellness journey. Check out our collection of healthy and delicious recipes for you and your family. You’ll find ideas for healthy snacks and meals on the go to seasonal dishes to keep you eating healthy year round.