Mix and match salad combinations

Salad type   Lettuce(s)
  Other vegetables
Cobb   ▪Romaine
▪Green leaf
  ▪None   ▪Rogueford cheese
▪Roasted turkey breast
▪Hard-cooked eggs
Greek   ▪Romaine
▪Green onions
▪Tomato wedges
▪Chopped parsley
▪Chopped oregano
▪Minced garlic
  ▪None   ▪Feta cheese
▪Anchovy filets
  ▪Red wine vinaigrette
Taco   ▪Romaine
  ▪Cooked corn
▪Shredded carrot
  ▪None   ▪Black beans
▪Cheddar cheese
▪Monterey Jack cheese
▪Lean ground beef or turkey (cooked with taco seasoning)
▪Baked tortilla chips
  ▪Vinaigrette made with red wine vinegar and/or rice vinegar
▪Splash of lime juice
Winter citrus   ▪Arugula   ▪Fennel
  ▪Orange wedges
▪Grapefruit wedges
  ▪Homemade whole grain croutons
▪Grilled salmon
  ▪Oil and citrus juice combo
Fruit and Spinach   ▪Spinach
  ▪Red onion   ▪Sliced strawberries
▪Mandarin oranges
▪Blackberries and/or raspberries
▪Dried cranberries
  ▪Roasted almond slices
▪Blue cheese
▪Tuna (low sodium canned or fresh)
  ▪Raspberry vinaigrette
Apple and Pear   ▪Boston   ▪Celery   ▪Diced apples
▪Diced pears
▪Chopped dates
▪Grapes (cut in half)
  ▪Hazelnuts, pecans, and/or walnuts
▪Blue cheese
▪Grilled chicken breast
  ▪Maple vinaigrette or any other sweet dressing
Simple Bibb Lettuce   ▪Bibb Lettuce
▪English cucumber
▪Fresh parsley
  ▪None   ▪Pine nuts
▪Swiss cheese
▪Diced eggs
  ▪Red wine or mustard vinaigrette