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Submitted by Leah Kiser
Charlotte, NC

I had surgery on Aug. 12 at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. From the time I walked into admitting before daylight until the time the transporter said good-bye to me in the front circle of the hospital, I was treated like royalty.

I sincerely was sad to go home. I wanted to be home but when every person who walks into your room is a new friend, you would miss them, too. My techs were amazing and treated me with kindness. My nurses were like extensions of my family, and I trusted them with my life. The respiratory techs were my favorite because they came every four hours for breathing treatments. I looked forward to their visits because they were so cool. The woman from environmental services quickly became a friend as she kept my room tidy and comfy. The financial counselor came in the door with a solution to me paying my hospital bill. The handsome guy from the cafe brought me hot soup and Jell-O that meant the world to me. My PACU nurse’s first priority was my comfort. There is something about the first person you see when you open your eyes; he was so kind and made me laugh. I even had the best bed ever - every bariatric patient should have one.

Every person that walked into my room has a permanent place in my heart. Presbyterian Medical Center is an amazing place to be, and thank God for the caring souls along the journey to wellness. I always said that I will only work for a company that I believe in, so thank you Presbyterian Medical Center for not making a liar out of me. Thank you Dr. Voellinger for giving me my life back!