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Teamwork allows patient to cheer on her wildcats

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In North Carolina, college basketball fans schedule their lives around game times. For one long-term patient receiving outpatient infusion at Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center, this meant stopping everything to support her Davidson College Wildcats year after year.

Unfortunately, during March Madness this year when her beloved team was slated to play in the tournament, the patient was scheduled to receive an infusion that wouldn’t be over until the end of the game.

Since she had trouble hearing, she asked staff to turn on the subtitles on the wall-mounted TV to make the commentary available. However, they quickly realized that the television was mounted too high for her to see. While the story could have ended in failure, clinical coordinator Michele Gobble viewed this situation as only a minor setback, and made it her mission to find a way for her patient to watch the game.

Remembering that she had previously seen a portable television in her department, Michele quickly called public safety and asked if they could help locate the set. They checked two places around the hospital where the set had previously been seen, but it wasn’t there. Michele called plant engineering to see if the television was in a closet. The plant engineering department swiftly put their staff on the case, and located the television in a storage closet.

Plant Engineering brought the set to a room that the patient would be using, and connected it to cable. Just when they thought they were all set, they realized that the remote for the television unit was missing. Plant engineering tech, David Hatcher, went to a local store and purchased three remotes, hoping one would work. One of the remotes worked and the mission was complete.

Thanks to the dedication of Gobble and members of the Huntersville Medical Center plant engineering team, the patient was absolutely thrilled when she was able to continue her tradition of rooting for her Wildcats.