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Team gets patient back to good health

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Stan Merritt knows good customer service. A veteran of the service industry, Stan believes that when you receive remarkable service, it’s important to say something. "Occasionally you get thanked," said Stan, "but more often you do not." That’s why it is so important to him to recognize the team who made his experience at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center such a pleasure.

The problem started 14 years ago when Stan was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. His job at the time required a lot of bending, which aggravated the lining between his discs. He had surgery and felt much better – until about a year ago when the pain started again. He tried anti-inflammatories, which didn’t help. So he had an MRI, which showed he needed another surgery.

Stan turned to William O. Bell, MD, for his lower lumbar back surgery.

"From pre-op to post-op, everyone I met throughout my surgery was a pleasure," said Stan. "The pre-op PAV nurses and admitting staff were friendly and calmed my nerves. The post-op team made me laugh and kept me comfortable during my stay in recovery. And of course, Dr. Bell and his entire team were a joy to work with."

In the healthcare industry, doctors, nurses and staff often have to deal with difficult situations in a professional manner. Stan believes all of the Novant Health team members should be commended for their high level of customer service, and maybe even more important, for their high level of caring.

"It’s reassuring to know that if you have a health related problem, there are good people at Novant Health ready to take care of you," said Stan. "The type of service I received should not go unnoticed."