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Healthcare experiences impact all of us and there are those unexpected moments when someone or something has made a significant difference in helping you get better and stay well. With your help, we want to capture these remarkable moments. Novant Health is committed to making your entire healthcare experience easier, personal, and better connected. Hearing your stories on how we are creating remarkable moments enables us to continue to improve and helps you get to know us as a healthcare system.

A simple, considerate act brings relief to a new mother

A simple, considerate act brings relief to a new mother

Apr 04 2016

The Novant Health service standards signify the importance of personal connections and the expectation that team members will demonstrate kindness, respect, empathy and compassion while caring for our patients. Our service standards — Know me, Respect me, Care about me and Delight me — are meant to be memorable, intuitive and connect team members to our mission, vision, core values and brand promise.

New mom

A recent patient visit at Novant Health Prince William Medical Center’s emergency department reminds us of the impact our service standards have on our patients. Kelly Scales, central staffing and scheduling office (CSSO) nurse, is a shining example of putting these standards into practice.

While working her shift in the ED, Kelly was tending to a young mother suffering from appendicitis. Though the patient came to the hospital due to abdominal pain, Kelly could tell that other things were troubling her. 

After taking the time to gather the patient’s history and concerns, Kelly found out that the patient was a new mother with an infant at home. The patient shared that she was concerned about keeping a supply of breast milk for her baby, stating that she didn’t have the pumping supplies she needed and she wasn’t sure when she could return home. Immediately, Kelly went to the post-partum office and requested a pumping kit for her patient. Not only did Kelly ensure that the kit made it to the patient’s room, she also called the surgeon to request that they change the mother’s prescribed antibiotic to one that is complementary for those who are breast-feeding. The mother was very relieved that her baby would not be affected by her appendicitis, and was very appreciative of Kelly’s attention to her unique needs as a new mother.

Kelly’s service is a direct reflection of our commitment to “delight” our patients. Thank you, Kelly, for honoring this patient. You are remarkable!