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Submitted by Nicole Taylor

One morning, my daughter awoke with mild stomach pains. I work in healthcare so I don't jump at every ache and pain that my children have so I decided to see how she did throughout the day. As the day and evening progressed, her pain got worse. After researching on the internet, I had finally decided that I better take her to the hospital. I was a nervous wreck about going. I ended up taking her to Novant Health Kernersville Medical Center and our experience there was absolutely outstanding.

My daughter’s nurse was Sherrie Jones and I could go on and on about how she made our visit a remarkable moment. They discovered that my daughter had appendicitis and needed to have surgery immediately. Unfortunately, because of her age, she had to be transported to the local children's hospital. My daughter was terrified because she had never had surgery and she wanted to stay at Kernersville Medical Center because she felt safe there. Sherrie helped ease her fears and even had my daughter begging her to stop making her laugh because it hurt to laugh.

Sherrie found out that my daughter was a cheerleader and told us that she used to be one also, so she would break out in cheer to get my daughter’s mind off what was happening. My daughter has talked about Sherrie several times since her surgery and how much she liked her. She's also told several friends and family members about the painless and quick IV stick. "Let's count to three. One, STICK!" and it was over (with my daughter laughing, mind you).

I can't express my appreciation enough to Sherrie and the rest of the staff at Kernersville Medical Center for creating such a remarkable experience for our family. It's people like Sherrie and the other employees that cared for my daughter that make me even more proud of being part of the Novant Health family.