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Novant Health launches overnight virtual lactation support in Wilmington region

WILMINGTON, N.C. – To support mothers around the clock, Novant Health has expanded lactation services by providing private, one-on-one video consultations between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily to patients in the Wilmington region. The on-demand, virtual lactation consultations will connect parents who need overnight support with a lactation expert so patients can share concerns, ask questions and get advice with little to no wait.

“We are so excited to see this new service be offered to our community,” said Heather Renye, RN, IBCLC, lactation coordinator at the Novant Health Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital. “As any family can tell you, breastfeeding/chestfeeding and its challenges do not pause overnight. Having the opportunity to speak with a lactation consultant while in the comfort of one's own home can provide support at a time when the individual may feel most vulnerable. Often these moments of support lead to a successful feeding journey.”

Parents can share what is going on, get advice and ask questions about topics including:  

•     Baby weight gain

•     Baby who is difficult to wake up for feedings and/or shows hunger cues after feedings

•     Breast milk supply

•     Engorged breasts including pain, swelling, redness

•     Expressing breast milk/using a breast pump

•     Feeding frequency

•     Positioning or latching

•     Sore nipples or pain in breast

Parents can access the after-hours support through Novant Health NHRMC MyChart. Smartphone users will need to download both the MyChart and Zoom apps before requesting a visit.

To request a visit, a patient will log into their MyChart account, request a virtual ExpressCare visit and select the “lactation consultant” option. After answering a few questions and checking in, the patient will be connected with a lactation consultant within 30 minutes. Please note this option is only available during the overnight hours.

The Novant Health Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital also hosts a weekly breastfeeding support group, Mother’s Milk Club. Attendees can connect with other new moms and get breastfeeding support from board-certified lactation consultants. This group is currently meeting virtually at 11 a.m. Mondays. More information can be found here.  

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2022