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Novant Health selects prescriptive analytics leader Jvion as inaugural partner for new Institute of Innovation & Artificial Intelligence

 WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., - Jvion, a leader in AI-enabled prescriptive analytics for preventable harm, today announced a partnership with Novant Health as part of the newly launched Novant Health Institute of Innovation & Artificial Intelligence. Working together, the partners aim to reduce readmissions for congestive heart failure (CHF) patients, which can be as high as 35% in the first year and can double with each subsequent hospitalization. By integrating clinical and socioeconomic data and leveraging Jvion’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the companies aim to identify the most relevant interventions for the patients most likely to respond to them.

The partnership supports the institute’s focus on identifying advanced technologies and accelerating solutions to provide high-quality personalized care, leveraging actionable data and insights for predictive prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Novant Health’s patients.

“We are excited to continue implementing AI-based treatment modalities for our patients and bringing these transformational technologies to Novant Health and the communities we serve,” said Dr. Eric Eskioglu, Novant Health executive vice president and chief medical officer. “Partnering with innovators in analytics like Jvion allows us to anticipate risk factors and effectively intervene through personalized treatment plans for our patients, saving time and money. The implementation of this technology will transform the way we deliver care for our patients with CHF across the Carolinas & Virginia, thereby improving their quality of life and preventing unnecessary readmissions.”

"Heart failure is one of the leading causes of hospitalization for older adults," said Dr. Gordon Reeves, Novant Health director for advanced heart failure. "Patients hospitalized for heart failure are inherently a high-risk population and are more likely to have a diminished quality of life after hospitalization. Jvion may allow us to focus our resources on helping them have a successful transition out of the hospital and recover to a better quality of life."

Novant Health will leverage the Jvion Machine, which helps prevent patient harm and associated costs by enabling clinical staff to focus attention, resources, and individualized interventions on patients whose outcomes can be improved. Unlike traditional AI and predictive analytic solutions that merely identify high-risk patients and cause alarm fatigue, Jvion pinpoints the impactable patients on a changeable risk trajectory and provides the patient-specific recommendations that will drive to a better outcome. Based on data from 16 million patients and a unique use of Eigen-based models, Novant Health will be able to quickly apply the technology to CHF patients and can extend it to additional vectors. The Novant Health solution will be deployed as a cloud instance on Microsoft Azure.

“AI-enabled prescriptive analytics represent a new, innovative approach to using clinical and socioeconomic data to pinpoint the most impactful interventions for individuals suffering from diseases, such as CHF, that can be managed or prevented,” said Shantanu Nigam, Jvion CEO. “We are excited to partner with Novant Health, a leader committed to leveraging new technologies to save lives, improve quality of care and impact key quality measures.”

Jvion has successfully reduced CHF readmissions by 13 percent on average, preventing 130 readmissions per one thousand discharges for a potential savings of approximately $1 million. The Jvion Machine identifies individual patients at risk of avoidable harmful events, their level of risk from rising risk to high risk, the clinical and socioeconomic determinants causing this risk, and recommends the personalized interventions that can change a patient’s trajectory.

“With AI-based technologies like Jvion, our care teams can move faster and with more precision to address some of the community’s most serious health concerns – in this case, reducing readmissions for patients with congestive heart failure,” said Angela Yochem, Novant Health executive vice president and chief digital and technology officer. “This partnership with Jvion expands our AI portfolio and builds on our commitment to use leading-edge technology to connect with and care for our patients.”

“This partnership demonstrates the impact that AI can have on improving patient lives and the effectiveness of health systems,” said Andrea McGonigle, U.S. National Managing Director, Microsoft Health & Life Sciences. “We are pleased to see Jvion and Novant Health benefit from the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform. For Novant Health, the capabilities enabled by Jvion and powered by Azure are the outcome of a digital transformation taking place in healthcare that will fuel better care and a truly patient-centered approach.”

To learn more about the Jvion Machine, click here. To learn more about the Novant Health Institute of Innovation & Artificial Intelligence, click here.

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2019