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12 features that make Mint Hill Medical Center a standout
The new Mint Hill Medical Center was designed to feel like a destination. Here are 12 features that make the 207,000-square-foot, three-story facility a standout.
This free pharmacy means everything to those in need
Paying for pricy prescriptions can be impossible for low-income people who don't have health insurance. In Winston-Salem, Crisis Control Pharmacy, with support from Novant Health Social Responsibility, steps in to help.
How a hospital volunteer helps others … and gets her steps in
Want to make a difference? Novant Health Volunteer Services is currently recruiting Volunteer Ambassadors to serve in various areas throughout its facilities.
Building a community of wellness
Today, we live longer, but more people live in poor health. Lifestyle diseases have climbed to an epidemic status, and the cost of healthcare, along with the state of healthcare insurance, spirals out of control.
Here’s how hospitals stay open when everyone else closes
When it comes to dealing with disasters, TV’s doomsday-prep reality shows have nothing on Novant Health medical centers. Bunker-like protection for critical equipment? Check. Stockpiles of fuel? Check.
A passion for pediatrics and puppies
She is driven to help kids and dogs. Dr. Stephanie Richter, a pediatrician at Novant Health Pediatrics Symphony Park has watched a generation of patients grow under her care and she’s now caring for these people’s own children.
Cardiac ‘cath lab’ services spread to suburbs in Charlotte
As heart-care labs spread to smaller medical centers across the United States, patients in suburban Charlotte have more options for receiving services in their own backyard.
The story behind the new Novant Health medical helicopter
Novant Health Med Flight, equipped with the latest medical technology and safety features to offer both emergency and critical care, will cover roughly 170 miles in any direction, including the Charlotte and Winston-Salem areas.
A few fun facts behind construction of a new hospital
Welcome to the new Novant Health Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital. Founded in 1976 by a group of orthopedic surgeons, it is the only orthopedic hospital in the area.
Quality of life returns after pelvic therapy
Physical therapy helps cancer survivor manage pain and regain quality of life.
Plans include working with other health systems if needed
Hurricane Florence is threatening the Carolinas. Here's how Novant Health is prepared to take care of the communities it serves.
Creating quilted paintings to help deal with life’s stress
Polly Janos, a pulmonary disease navigator, has been creating quilted canvases for more than 8 years. The self-taught artist uses her dreams as an inspiration and layers fabric over a canvas until a final form emerges.
Dr. Darlene Ifill-Taylor says creative release makes her a better physician
Dr. Darlene Ifill-Taylor has always had two passions driving her life – helping patients with their psychiatric problems, and performing solos.
Preeclampsia can be deadly and must be monitored carefully
How a health care team sprang into action after a dangerous condition erupted at a routine office visit. In the parents' own words........
Compassion, kindness produce better outcomes
Compassionate care may be the best medicine. While medicine has the power to cure, how the care is delivered can have a powerful effect on the patient and the caregiver.
Giving back to the country and the community
Having served in the U.S. armed forces, four volunteers at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center continue to give back to the community by helping patients navigate the hospital corridors all the while showing compassion and kindness.
Novant Health writer volunteers at international camp
A Novant Health team member leaves the comfort of her own country to help refugees in need in Greece.
Why one Novant Health provider is cheering for the Atlanta Falcons
There is no question about what team Dr. Richard Haigler will be cheering for on Feb. 5, when the Atlanta Falcons play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51.
New tobacco cessation program improves recovery for cancer survivors
A new smoking cessation program at Novant Health Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic is helping cancer patients and survivors to quit tobacco use.
Dr. Nena Lekwauwa: A mission to care
Dr. Nena Lekwauwa, a psychiatrist at Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center and native of Nigeria, has been helping the underserved people of her home country for 12 years now.
How Novant Health honors veterans every day to deliver better care
Inspired by the national We Honor Veterans program, Dr. Charles Stinson brought the initiative back to Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center years ago.
Bettielou Small: Overcoming tragedy
Bettielou Small is the epitome of resiliency. She had racked up six marathons and nearly 20 half marathons before a devastating accident almost halted her running days and nearly took her life. Here's her story.
Dr. Doug Miyazaki: Mastering martial arts
Practicing medicine is a family tradition for Dr. Doug Miyazaki. He remembers developing his passion for surgery alongside his father. Today, Miyazaki practices taekwondo to help keep him mentally focused during long surgeries. Here’s his story.
Seth Nanaa freed by jazz
Seth Nanaa's journey to medicine took a long detour by way of the world of music, a passion that he still pursues. This is his story.
Novant Health launching new residency program to help with primary care crisis
The United States faces a critical need in providers over the next decade with a shortage of as many as 90,000 physicians by 2025, according to one report. Novant Health is doing its part to stem this shortage.
Dr. Phillip Khan: A love of fast cars
After nearly 20 years of academic and practical training, Dr. Phillip Khan could have opened his plastic surgery clinic anywhere in the United States, but he chose to go home.
Take time to designate someone to be in your corner
April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day, and it serves a good reminder to designate someone to speak for you if you are unable to make your own medical decisions.
Dr. David Caron: Provider and pastor
Medicine and spirituality are not mutually exclusive, say some patients and providers. In fact, they go hand-in-hand for Dr. David Caron, a provider and pastor.
Family videos reassure patients, ease confusion
Family videos are part of a new therapy used by the geriatric behavioral health services team at Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center.
Volunteers and therapy dogs comfort patients and staff
Volunteer Pam Guion and her dog Governor warm the hearts of patients and team members at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center.
Group helps with managing the stress of motherhood
To help mothers cope with stress and postpartum depression, Novant Health is offering a new psychotherapy group for new and expectant mothers.
What to do about the common cold
Did you know that the best care for your cold might not be an antibiotic? Ask your doctor what is appropriate for you.
There are fatal repercussions from antibiotic resistance
An estimated 23,000 deaths and 2 million illnesses in the U.S. are due to infections caused by bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.
Antibiotics won't cure many common illnesses
Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, but don’t work with viruses. Treat colds, cough illnesses and flu with care.
Overuse of medications leading to rise in resistant superbugs
The federal government convened a summit on the issue of antibiotic use this spring and the CDC is spreading the word on the problem of antibiotic resistance and what to do about it.
Overuse of antibiotics impacting drug effectiveness
The issue of responsible use of antibiotics is gaining national attention given the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria in recent years. Novant Health is joining national efforts to address the problem.
Common misconceptions about hospice, end-of-life care
Hospice has been used as a form of end-of-life care for more than 40 years, but many misconceptions still exist.
Recognizing the unique challenges of America's military caregivers
Between 275,000 and 1 million Americans currently serve as military caregivers for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Attacking hospital worker could result in felony charges as of Dec. 1
Beginning Dec. 1, anyone who attacks a hospital worker on hospital premises may face felony charges. The new law, House Bill 560, was passed in response to the rising tide of workplace violence faced by health care workers.
Novant Health launches electronic prescribing of controlled substances
Patients who require prescriptions for controlled substances now have a more convenient way to obtain their needed medications.
Using meditation for better health: Spotlight on Dr. Peter Dorton
Following his first exposure to meditation at a medical conference, Dr. Peter Dorton became a convert to mindfulness and integrated the practice in his own life.
Bilingual staff helps bridge communication at Novant Health
Roughly one-quarter of patients passing through the doors of Novant Health’s health care facilities do not speak English. For these patients in particular, bridging the communication gap can be life-saving.
Biometric technology helps identify and protect patients
Novant Health is in the process of enrolling patients using biometric cameras. Patients registering at hospitals now have pictures and iris scans taken that connect to their electronic medical record.
Weighing the benefits of meditation
Americans are increasingly turning to meditation and mindfulness to achieve greater well-being. In 2012, about 18 million Americans practiced some form of meditation.
New medical students arrive at Rowan Medical Center
Last week, Novant Health Rowan Medical Center in Salisbury, North Carolina, welcomed its first group of third-year medical students from the Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine.
An impressionistic expression: All eyes on Dr. Bruce Brasher
Since starting to paint in the mid-1990s, Dr. Bruce Brasher has created more than 100 canvases. Many of his original works are on display at his office at Novant Health Winston-Salem Health Care.
Dr. R. Scott Spies is a modern-day Renaissance man
Dr. R. Scott Spies knew at an early age that he was destined to be a pediatrician. However, his vocation − practicing children’s medicine at Novant Health Matthews Children’s Clinic − has not prevented him from pursuing his other passions.
Ditch the diet: Program teaches how to manage your health
Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, even cabbage soup. Patti Friend has tried them all to no avail. But she recently enrolled in a 10-week program that has worked wonders for her health.
Dr. Renee Tegeler creates beautiful artwork from hand-dyed fabrics
More than 40 of her tableaux hang in the exam rooms of Winston-Salem Health Care, enriching the environment for patients and staff alike.
Novant Health partners with SwimMAC Carolina for annual meet
Learn how Novant Health sports medicine experts kept athletes performing their best in SwimMAC’s Arena Pro Swim Series at Charlotte.
Blessings given in recognition of good work by good people
This year, for the first time, Novant Health chaplain Tricia Gardner Lytle celebrated National Hospital Week with a “Touchstone Blessing” ceremony.
Coping over the holiday with the loss of a child
Mother’s Day is about celebrating the bond between a woman and her child, but for moms who have lost their children, the happy holiday can be a terrible burden.
Recognizing the work of Novant Health volunteers
Mary Hunter, 98, has been a volunteer at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center for the past 43 years – almost since the day the hospital opened its doors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Sharing of stories helps patients cope
Storytelling project at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center helps patients focus on the positive things in their lives during periods of distress.
Heart-to-heart: Group walking good for your health, soul
It’s been almost a year since a stalwart group of local women have banded and bonded together for a vigorous group walk.
Nurses at intensive care nursery help struggling mom
For almost 11 months, no matter what the day, Kimberly Dillard has been a steady presence at the intensive care nursery in Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital in Charlotte.
Wellness program aims to tackle illness early on
Low income people with diabetes who have trouble paying for food, shelter, medicine and other basic needs have the most difficulty managing their medical condition, a new study reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
MADD, Novant Health encourage motorists to “tie one on for safety”
Some of the most dangerous days of the year on roadways are between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.