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Novant Health will remain committed to finding common ground
In the absence of compromise, short-term political wins may be found, but policies are often developed that leave behind the very people they were meant to help. Debates in Congress regarding healthcare reform highlight this point.
People of all age ranges and socioeconomic status have been affected
Novant Health is building a structure to develop and sustain processes for a holistic approach to opioid stewardship.
Here's how EHRs can make a big difference
Many patients and health care providers have seen the benefits of the EHR and the importance of exchanging patient information among all healthcare systems.
Strengthening communities, changing lives
Blood pressure screenings, cholesterol checks, discounted mammograms, juvenile immunizations – these are just a few ways not-for-profit hospitals provide health benefits to the communities they serve.
A look into neurosciences at Novant Health
Dr. Eric Eskioglu recently joined Novant Health to lead stroke and neurosciences across the system with the goal of creating a world-class experience for patients regardless of where they receive services.
Sharing expertise to cut costs, save lives
As the health care industry continues its rapid transformation, hospitals and health systems are putting patients at the center and finding ways to raise the overall standard of care in communities.
Q&A with Novant Health’s chief legal officer and general counsel
Peter Brunstetter is chief legal officer and general counsel for Novant Health. He has been an attorney for nearly 30 years and served in the North Carolina State Senate from 2006 to 2013.
Transforming health care one person at a time
Read about the new way that Novant Health is delivering remarkable health care so people can get better and stay healthy.
Lean footprint model improves patient access, decreases costs
Lean footprints use low-cost resources to bolster convenient care while also improving access for patients.
States struggle to provide coverage
Twenty-three states have declined to expand Medicaid, including North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.
Lessons from population health
What NC Medicaid reform can learn from population health
Patient-focused and caregiver-designed
Novant Health creates a blueprint for designing and building new hospitals
Gaining efficiency and lowering costs through shared services
Health care looks at the consumers
Promoting health and preventing disease allows Novant Health to lower costs and optimize utilization
Q&A with Sallye Liner
Novant Health increases number of hours nurses spend at the bedside
Novant Health transforms to make health care easier and more convenient through electronic health records.
Novant Health attacks high blood pressure, prediabetes and obesity.
Novant Health expanding efforts by attacking high blood pressure, prediabetes and obesity as part of a community wellness initiative designed to create an epidemic of wellness.
Ebola in the United States
Across the country, healthcare facilities are vigorously preparing for another patient to walk through their doors