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Bedridden, expectant moms find solace in arts class
An expressive arts program for expectant mothers at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina sparks their creativity and helps ease anxiety.
Center gets patients back behind the wheel
Micheal Gould lost both his legs to diabetes and hated that he could no longer drive. Then he heard about a program at Novant Health Rehabilitation Center.
When young cancer patients clang the bell, it’s a big day
The sweet ring-the-bell tradition at the St. Jude Affiliate clinic in Charlotte symbolizes hope, and culminates a family's arduous journey. "It's very positive and affirming, and celebrates how strong and resilient they've been."
Why ACL injuries hit girl athletes more often
A soccer player's injury highlights the challenges female athletes face. There are also preventive exercises that may help.
Back surgery has her heading back to the garden
Chronic back pain was keeping this gardener from doing what she loved most. Back surgery, and her commitment to physical therapy, has her heading back to her blooms.
How one man fought his way out of opioid misuse
Peter Lloyd became part of a tragic American story when he found himself trapped in an endless cycle of opioid misuse. At one point he was homeless. Today, he's got a new job, a new life and two years of recovery under his belt.
A mom takes on breast cancer…with attitude
Toniy Shears was just 8 weeks from graduating from her training to become a medical assistant when she noticed the tiny bump on her chest. She was a single mom and also worked full time at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center.
She’s her sister’s keeper, with help from ankle surgery
Mickey Sprinkle was so dedicated to taking care of her sister she kept putting off dealing with a painful ankle injury. In the end, she found relief through surgery that finally got her back on her feet.
How she reversed her prediabetes one day at a time
More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes, making it one of the nation’s largest public health concerns. Here's how one woman reversed her prediabetes.
How physical therapy helped her beat vertigo at 82
While much of the public tends to think of physical therapy primarily for treating things like orthopedic injuries, physical therapy has been used for decades to treat vertigo and vestibular balance disorders.
From ACL injury to full speed again for high school athlete
High School senior Jose Romero was in the best shape of his life when a football injury last August came out of nowhere to sideline him. Here's how he pulled off a speedy recovery.
Fast-action may have saved young stroke victim
Without quick action, young woman's story could have ended very differently. Bottom line: call 911 when you see someone with these symptoms. Waiting can be deadly.
Exercise program helps women tackle incontinence
Loss of bladder control is more common than you might think. 25 million people in the United States experience urinary incontinence.
The stroke was devastating. But it couldn’t match one couple’s will
He had a stroke at 28 and his life was hanging in the balance. It would be just the start of a harrowing yearlong journey for the young family. But today, the young father has made strides that many who know him could never have imagined.
Teen’s life was spiraling into chaos--Here’s how she regained control
During her four weeks in the program, Bethany made the leap from, “I am a victim to I am a survivor by developing healthy, positive beliefs.”
How marriage counseling helped a couple through stroke recovery
The longer couples live, the higher the chances that either one or both of them will become seriously ill and require special care. Sometimes marriage counseling can help them get through the tough times.
How a woman with type 2 diabetes got a second chance
Millions of Americans must learn to live with type 2 diabetes, a serious yet manageable condition with the right treatment. Here's how one woman is winning the battle.
How a mom with type 1 diabetes got her life back
Dr. Kellie Faulk Faulk emphasizes the importance of small steps to success in treating type 1 diabetes. “Our job as their healthcare providers is to make sure they have the right tools in their toolbox.”
What it’s like when a care provider suddenly becomes the patient
Within 24 hours both his arms and legs were partially paralyzed and within two days it was affecting his breathing to the point that he had to be placed on a ventilator.
Sisters in their 80s have their heart procedures back-to-back, just part of their lifelong bond
TAVR is considered less risky for patients compared to open-heart surgery because it’s minimally invasive.
Charlotte radio personality praises 'awesome' new depression treatment
After more than 20 years of battling depression and often coming out on the losing end, a Charlotte man finds finds life-changing relief at Novant Health.
How motivation and surgical expertise can result in quick recovery
It was Jan. 8, 2017 at 5 a.m. when Brian Steele received a call from his family informing him that his uncle, Scottie Hill, had suffered a massive stroke and was in the hospital receiving care.
What every woman needs to know
Roughly 2 percent of suspected heart attacks are actually discovered to be takotsubo cardiomyopathies, with the vast majority occurring in women. One woman shares her experience with stress-induced chest pain.
Standing tall following ACL reconstructive surgery
It only took one bad move during practice to knock international judo competitor Janna Levin out of nationals. She relied on the hands of a Novant Health orthopedic surgeon and her physical therapist to get her back to competing.
One couple's candid account of trial and triumph
Paul Ng was a marathon runner who had never taken a sick day from work in 35 years. He was the quintessential health enthusiast, until he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009. When it happened, Ng had a hard time believing what he heard.
Charlotte parents reminisce on their quadruplets
Gabe and Niury Ortiz wanted to start a family, but the young couple was in for quite a shock when they learned they were having four babies at the same time.
Fitness helps recovery from knee surgery
Don Rock, a retired police detective, suffered with knee pain for seven years, even as he walked miles each day working as a security associate at a school. Eventually, the pain and the inactivity it caused caught up with him. Here is his story.
Heart disease can occur at any age
Young people can be vulnerable to heart disease, too. One 36-year-old shares his story about having a heart attack last fall.
Why one family is advocating for early detection
Even the youngest of children can have heart conditions such as irregular heart beat that can lead to cardiac arrest. Here is the story of one such little boy and how his pediatric cardiologist has helped him live a normal life.
Minimally invasive thoracotomy drastically cuts man's recovery time
For the majority of his life, Brian Gilbert was told he had a heart murmur. But five years ago, he learned it was something more serious – Gilbert was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve.
Man back to walking, enjoying life after hip replacement surgery
Steve Riggleman didn’t need just a hip replacement. He needed both hips replaced – and sooner rather than later.
Retired physician, 83, is racing again after partial knee replacement
Dr. George Kimberly was a competitive athlete when he was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. Only six weeks after having MAKOplasty surgery on his knee, he participated in a competitive race and has been "doing it ever since."
Firefighter regains his mojo after surgery
A 19-year veteran of the Kernersville Fire Department is back at work after successful partial knee replacement surgery. Capt. Barry McLean underwent a MAKOplasty procedure at Novant Health.
How one woman's story is raising stroke awareness
In the blink of an eye, Meghan Robinson had lost her balance and her face drooped to one side. At the time, she didn't realize what was happening. Now, she wants everyone to know the signs and symptoms of stroke.
Olympic-trained athlete discovers newfound joy as a new mom
Sarah Brown of Warrenton, Virginia, started running when she was 12 years old. This year, at age 29, she trained for and competed in the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials. But earlier this year, she was also training for a different title – “Mom.”
Knee replacement gave one man back his life
James Needham wasn't able to enjoy the activities he loved most because of excruciating knee pain and stiffness due to osteoarthritis. He opted to have double knee replacement surgery and now he has his life back.
Mothers of premature babies kindle close bond, reunite with care teams
Audrey Baldwin and Deena Van Allen sparked an unlikely friendship amid unexpected circumstances about a year ago. They found comfort and reassurance in one another since their babies were both born prematurely within a week of each other.
Bariatric surgery changes lives, produces results
Susan Petronio had struggled with her weight for many years and decided to have bariatric surgery. Since her procedure two years ago, Petronio has lost 120 pounds. Here’s her story.
Heart attack symptoms in women are often different from men
Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, Dana Jones had a heart attack. But she didn’t realize it when it happened.
NC resident marks 14 years free from lung cancer
More people in the United States die from lung cancer than any other type of cancer. But Jean Heath refused to become a statistic when she was diagnosed with lung cancer almost 14 years ago.
Community health screenings uncover hidden threats to wellness
Imagine Steve Small's surprise when he attended a free community health screening and learned his blood sugar level was alarmingly high. Read his story.
How physical therapy can help in your road to recovery
Martha Nauman has always been passionate about being an athlete, teacher and mother. However, in February 2013, she was faced with a serious health situation that would lead her to find even greater ways to inspire others.
Why you shouldn't forgo annual breast screenings
Thirty-three percent of women have not had a mammogram in the past two years. Kay Easter learned she had breast cancer after passing on her annual screenings for a decade. Now, she tells everyone she meets about how important mammograms are.
Why having 'more irons in the fire' matters to conquer cancer
The concept of multidisciplinary cancer care is not unique, but the opportunity for patients to be at the center of the process is a lot less common. Phyllis Rollins, a cancer survivor, shares her multidisciplinary clinic experience.
Mom's death leads to sisters' gene testing
Women with a mutated BRCA gene have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Read about two sisters whose lives were changed after losing their mother to breast cancer.
One young woman's story of triumph over breast cancer
Whitney Ladd had an inkling that something was terribly wrong. An ultrasound and mammogram confirmed her worries and she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26. But she never lost hope. Today, she is free of cancer.
A closer look at how childhood cancer impacts survivors as they age
According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 14.5 million Americans are cancer survivors and nearly 400,000 of these survivors were first diagnosed when they were children.
One family's journey through infant loss
According to the National Institutes of Health, 1 out of every 160 pregnancies in the U.S. ends with a stillbirth, and yet when it happened to new parents Meghan and Andrew Savant, all they felt was alone.
Nurse navigator helps patient to recovery
At 64 years old, Perry “Sonny” Smith is the picture of health, a vigorous man who runs, bikes and swims. You’d hardly believe that two years ago he was told he had weeks to live.
What polycystic ovary syndrome is and why it matters
As the most common endocrine disorder among premenopausal women and the leading cause of infertility among women, PCOS is a syndrome you should know about.
Samantha Busch reflects on infertility struggles, joy of conceiving
When Samantha and Kyle Busch decided it was time to grow their family, the couple couldn't conceive.
Country artist and Buddy Kemp group collaborate on special song
Cancer survivors shared their stories and used their experiences as inspiration for song lyrics.
Raising awareness about HPV and cervical cancer
Keesha Carter, diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009, makes it her mission to raise awareness about HPV and gynecological cancers.