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A 90-minute operation took care of her shoulder pain
She lived with the pain in her shoulder and arms for three years before finally seeing a doctor in December 2017. A 90-minute operation took care of everything.
Her secret weapon in battle with cancer: tennis
How a love for tennis--and support from her fellow players--helped one woman survive two rounds of breast cancer.
After vascular surgery he’s back on his feet
Some 8.5 million people in the United States have peripheral arterial disease (PAD), including about 20 percent of people older than 60. Tommy Phillips found a surgeon who took care of his condition.
ER receptionist helps mom give birth in parking garage
An ER receptionist was on her way home about 3 a.m. when she heard a scream in the hospital parking deck. She ran over, just in time to help deliver a baby who wasn't going to wait for anyone.
Tina Hayes has been there when it counts most
The three Dorr sisters – all exceptionally close – and their husbands consider OB/GYN nurse and midwife Tina Hayes part of their family. She's delivered 7 of their children.
After brain tumor removal, 10-year-old is back to baseball
After a 10-year-old boy is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Dr. Erin Kiehna tells the family: He's going to be ok. Using minimally invasive techniques, she removed the tumor. And now he's back to playing baseball.
ER nurse steps into the Florence fray
When a Hurricane Florence shelter became overwhelmed with evacuees with special needs, ER nurse Leslie Bortle stepped in to help.
Hospitalized teenager learns to become a nurse
Hannah Shelton spent so much time in the hospital as a teenager that she found her calling as a nurse. Here's how she made her journey.....
A preacher stays in the pulpit, thanks to neurosurgery
A few years ago, the Rev. Eddie Brackett found himself with two frightening health problems that came out of nowhere. His neurosurgeon fixed the problem and today the minister has his life back.
Chopper was ready for stroke victim, and so was the team
A perfectly healthy 56-year-old man had a devastating stroke. Here's how medical teams, with the help of a medical helicopter, saved his life.
What happened when 2 women got weight-loss surgery together
Former self-proclaimed couch potatoes have completed seven races and train up to six days a week. How did they do it? Advanced weigh-loss surgery and a lot of hard work and commitment.
St. Jude affiliate clinic child specialists can make all the difference
Child life specialists at the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic at Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital are there to comfort, empower and educate patients and their families.
What one doctor thinks about all those drug ads
What bothers me most about these ads – besides the implausibility of the rosy scenarios depicted – is a sense of false promise that I am left with.
Dr. Snow Daws got her game on as a high school football team kicker
Dr. Snow Daws got her foot in the door to sports medicine all the way back in high school, where she was a field-goal kicker for her football team. Today, she loves helping patients with foot and ankle problems get their old lives back.
She was stunned: a colon cancer diagnosis at 33
“I was in complete shock—and wondered, ‘Why me?’ — I never thought something like this could happen to me,” she said. “But then my fighting side came out, and it became a question of, what do we have to do to beat this?”
Program puts more young doctors on the ‘front lines’
Shortfalls are expected to be up to 50,000 family docs by 2025 and not just in rural areas. Novant Health's fast-growing family medicine residency program is working to ease the shortage.
How a new knee gave a hiker back her life
For years, doctors had told her that she was too young for total knee replacement surgery. Then she met a doctor who makes it his goal to help people get their lives back.
Cancer patient pays it forward…1,700 times
Since 2009, A Charlotte woman and a small group of volunteers have been stepping up to provide gift bags to first-time chemo patients at Presbyterian Medical Center.
A runner collapsed. A nurse was there.
Watch what happened the morning of a Charlotte 8K Road Race, where Elaine Barnes met Nate Taylor in a way neither of them ever expected.
How a NASCAR 'gas man' got back in the race
NASCAR pit crews are made up of top-notch athletes. And when they get injured, it takes special care and expertise to get them back on the track.
Twin-sister nurses bring passion, and a signature look
These twin-sister nurses were hired at Rowan Medical Center in July of 1979. They have been there ever since. “We used to use pen and paper, now everything is done on a computer.”
How one labor and delivery nurse inspired so many
Almost three decades ago, a new mom changed her career path after watching her labor and delivery nurse in action. That set off a chain reaction that no one could have predicted.
What a tireless nurse learned along the way
Novant Health nursing administrator Cindy Jarrett-Pulliam has always preached putting patients at the center of everything nurses do. A stunning diagnosis proved just how right she was.
She lost 115 pounds after bariatric surgery. Commitment was key.
Tricia Thomas could not be happier. She lost more than 100 pounds after undergoing weight-loss surgery. But the procedure was just part of a long journey that requires commitment and hard work to keeping the weight off.
How back surgery helped a retired general get his life back
He survived ejection from an F4 Phantom jet over the Pacific and, later, wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. But but Gen. James Amos was no match for back pain. Here's how surgeons gave him a new shot at loving life.
How a Parkinson’s patient got her mobility back
In November 2016, Parkinson’s patient A. Blinn couldn’t stand up straight up and could barely walk. Today, she’s out of that wheelchair and walking tall.
They needed a handicap ramp. A nurse took care of it.
“I told Travis, ‘We need to build a ramp, and we need to have it done before Dec. 22, because that’s when Barbara is going home,’” Morgan said. Travis and his church members swung into action.
A doctor’s journey to caring for transgender patients
About 8 years ago, Dr. Rhett Brown had a handful of transgender patients. Today, he has nearly 500. “I want patients to come to my office and feel like they can be their entire selves..."
How a clinic helped a stroke victim change her outlook
She couldn’t work because she’d lost partial vision with a second stroke. And so she lost her health insurance, too. Here's how a Novant Health clinic helped.
How the right diagnosis got a star athlete back on track
When a high school track star started having severe back, he learned that following the advice of his doctor and athletic trainer was the smartest thing he could do.
Congestive heart failure treatment lets patient return to work. And fishing.
There was a time when a diagnosis of congestive heart failure meant that doctors were left only with trying to ease the pain of the patient’s symptoms, but that’s something that’s changed in certain cases in recent years
How one hospital therapist helps patients help themselves
How do therapists help hospital patients heal faster? At Forsyth Medical Center, Jessica Bruno works closely with patients to stay calm and focus on getting their lives back.
How one nurse got her singing audition in a hospital nursery
She auditioned for singing the Star-Spangled banner in a hospital. The babies loved it. And so did the fans.
When families struggle with dementia, this nurse is by their side
More than 5 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s disease — the most common form of dementia — and the numbers are expected to rise dramatically as the baby boomer generation ages.
Cancer wellness program reminds survivors ‘it won’t be like this forever’
Cancer treatments can take a punishing toll on the body. But here's one Novant Health program that helps survivors fight through the side effects to achieve a satisfying recovery.
How a heart device restored his sense of humor
An LVAD procedure can be a bridge to a later heart transplant surgery. For others, it’s a “destination” therapy and the patient can live with the device for years.
Fast-thinking physician assistant makes critical diagnosis of young boy
A physician assistant notices that a boy who recently recovered from the flu appears to be in pain when he walks. She wound up making a diagnosis that could have been devastating if it hadn't been caught in time.
How new language translation options improve patient care
The devices are little language robots, of a sort, and they're making medical care a lot easier for patients at Novant Health.
A doctor’s biggest lesson? Humility.
If I am asked to sum up the lessons I have learned in medicine in one word, my answer is always the same – humility. There is a reason we hesitate to call medicine a science. Science has rules; medicine, not so much.
Residency program helps new nurses settle into the job
Novant Health has launched a nurse residency program to smooth the transition from the classroom to real life. If young graduates get off to a strong start, chances are they’ll be more likely to stick with the career.
Integrative medicine attends to mind, body and spirit
Integrative medicine combines conventional Western medicine with complementary treatments, such as acupuncture, massage, yoga therapy, and stress reduction techniques – all in an effort to support the whole person.
Black male nurses tell their stories
In recognition of Black History Month, here are the stories of black men who work in nursing at Novant Health. They describe their commitment to nursing and their patients as well as the challenges they face from racial and gender stereotypes.
Heart implant can help prevent disaster
John Ogburn almost died on the floor of a restaurant when his heart inexplicably stopped beating. Today, he's back to great health and confident that the device implanted in his chest will prevent something like this from ever happening again.
How physical therapy helps orthopedic patients heal.
Lois Forti’s knee pain was impeding her active lifestyle and affected even her everyday movements. Her surgeon recommended a knee replacement. Now she is doing well in rehab.
Here’s how cardio rehab can improve heart attack recovery
Reggie Wilson had a heart attack at 55. Following his medical treatment, he's doing cardio rehab to recover.
When you have cancer, nurse navigators are by your side
At 66, Perry “Sonny” Smith is the picture of health, a vigorous man who runs, bikes and swims. You’d hardly believe that four years ago he was told he had weeks to live.
New charity gives free rides to patients needing cancer treatment
When you’re diagnosed with cancer, a disorienting array of doctor appointments and treatments suddenly floods your day-to-day routine. Nurse navigators can help you manage that by connecting you to the right services.
What a health care executive learned from his grandmother’s death
Jeff Lindsay has spent a lifetime in health care as an administrator. But one of his biggest lessons came first-hand when he had to help make end-of-life care decisions for his 94-year-old grandmother.
‘Doctors and nurses take care of patients. I take care of everybody.’
Here's what it's like to walk a mile in the shoes of a busy hospital medical unit receptionist who's focused on one thing: you.
Dr. Erin Kienha performs life-changing brain surgery on children
As a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Erin Kiehna spends her days advocating for babies that could fit in your hand and performing life-changing surgery on patients with seizures.
A behind-the-scenes look at what keeps operating rooms safe
The foundations of operating-room patient safety are built on teamwork, readiness and a relentless commitment to following the proven best practices. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the key building blocks at Novant Health.
Charlotte doctors rally to treat Haitian doctor
Charlotte doctors, team members and administrators pull together to help Haitian doctor needing brain surgery.
She lost 125 pounds. Here's how she got there.
Thirty-one year old Rosalee Capozzi has lost more than 125 pounds through determination and hard work.
EXOS helps athletes recover, prevent future injuries
Novant Health Sports & Performance Medicine powered by EXOS is an innovative sports and fitness training facility in Huntersville formed through a partnership between Novant Health and EXOS, a global leader in the health and wellness space.
Walk a mile in the shoes of a certified nursing assistant. If you can keep up.
Certified Nursing Assistant Darlene Jackson is a friendly "drill sergeant" who does whatever she needs to get patients back on their feet and feeling their best.
A pediatrician learns to say “goodbye”
As a pediatrician, all my patients at some point are going to leave. Here's why I hang onto them for as long as I can.
What’s it like to get shingles? One woman’s experience
Marilynn Knapp, 72, thought she had a stomach virus, then she thought it was a dental issue, but ultimately she was diagnosed with shingles.
Survivor grateful to medical team for quick action
Jerry Dowd was doing some routine engineering work at his job with WBT radio last month when he suddenly had the worst headache of his life. Within minutes, he realized he was having a stroke.
What’s a phlebotomist? Someone who cares.
Hospital labs are filled with amazing equipment and expert technologists, but they still need adept team members with a human touch to draw blood from patients.
Couple celebrates life and love while helping victims of hurricane Harvey
Helping others in need comes naturally to Tim and Donna Fraley, who both served on North Carolina’s federal disaster medical system team.
Court employees learn to stop the bleed before EMS arrive
We are seeing more and more violent acts on a larger scale. To help communities better cope with this grim reality, Novant Health trauma team members are volunteering their time and expertise to teach first aid.
Here’s how many breast cancer survivors can overcome lymphedema
Patients can live with lymphedema by staying active and engaging in physical therapy to alleviate swelling.
How a few good people changed Rich Robles’ life forever.
Rich Robles, Novant Health director of diversity and inclusion, shares his inspirational story with a message for everyone.
Pregnant woman and daughter saved by an emerging form of treatment
The timing of her heart attack couldn’t have been worse: She was 34 weeks pregnant. But Forsyth Medical Center had just started using a procedure that could help save the life of both mother and baby.
Sometimes a service animal needs to be at the side of a patient.
Service dog is veteran's best friend, and even stays by his side at the hospital.
Cancer survivor is thriving and helping others
Following his cancer diagnosis in February 2015, Braylon Beam captured our hearts with his courage and determination. Now, Braylon is focusing on helping others with his foundation Bring It 4 Braylon.
Patient navigators help 90-year-old surgery patient care for his son with Down Syndrome
Patient navigators with Novant Health help patients and families understand their diagnosis and treatment options, and also work to coordinate follow-up treatment.
Part 5: Loving someone with addiction
When we love someone who is an addict, one of the most difficult challenges can be learning to let go. Here's how to do it.
Medical team’s swift action saves man with aortic dissection
The fact that Larry Schauf is alive is literally a miracle, according to his family. His daughter Amy Wilson credits prayer, the quick response of an able medical team and a little serendipity for saving her dad’s life.
Volunteer veterans reach out to vets in hospitals
Novant Health is rolling out a new program to recognize veterans who are being treated in hospitals across the system.
How the mystery behind a young dancer’s nightmare was solved
When Sam would dance, run or exercise, she would collapse. Her legs would cramp, go numb, and give out from under her.
Part 4: Loving someone with addiction
Sometimes the ways that we show love in a healthy relationship can be the exact things that enable an addict to continue acting out.
New device allows firefighter to return to work
Firefighter is able to return to work following surgery with a new device which treats AFib without blood thinners.
Practical guidance on self-care
Living with an addict is too much for most of us to do alone without going crazy. And those of us in recovery, regardless of whether we consider ourselves religious or believe in a particular God, have found prayer to be vital.
Freedom in focusing on myself
The best advice I can give to anyone who loves an addict is take care of yourself. You can't change an addict; the only person you can change is you.
A mother's personal struggles with her son's drug addiction
One of the reasons I'm so passionate about mental health issues and addiction is because of the personal struggles I've had loving someone with bipolar disorder and drug addiction.
Changes in lifestyle help regain heart health
At age 32, Frandine Lima-Ribeiro’s heart age was more akin to that of a 42-year-old. She weighed 230 pounds, had an irregular heartbeat and had prediabetes. She's since been working to take control of her health and has already lost over 80 pounds.
Finding compassion and care in the darkest hour
Larry and Mary Alice Myers have always seen their glass as half full. In 48 years of marriage, they faced perhaps their toughest time yet when Mary Alice was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. Here's their story.
Counselor shares her art with patients
Cindy Soots uses her gift of painting to brighten the day of patients recovering at Novant Health.
Deb Briese on providing comfort in a crisis
Not all patient outcomes are positive. Some situations are beyond the care team’s control, but the impact nurses can have on families during these crises is immeasurable. Here's one story from the Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center ICU.
Dr. Laurie McWilliams on dramatic recoveries
Patients may not be aware of the gratification health care providers experience when people they have cared for make dramatic recoveries. Dr. Laurie McWilliams shares one such story.
Dr. Laurie McWilliams on how teams cope with trauma
Emotions can run high among providers when they are caring for patients with critical injuries. Dr. Laurie McWilliams shares how team members deal with stressful situations.
Kim Kiser talks about heartbreak
Kim Kiser knows firsthand that not all patient outcomes are positive and some situations are beyond the care team’s control. However, even in the face of tragedy, sometimes miracles are still possible.
For Dr. Laurie McWilliams, neurology is personal
For Dr. Laurie McWilliams, the decision to practice neurology is highly personal. Drawn to the sciences when she was in high school, McWilliams initially was interested in cardiology until a traumatic event shaped her life.
Kim Kiser on the rewards of her role
Nurses caring for patients with critical injuries face a variety of challenges, but also many rewards. Seeing a patient make a remarkable recovery from a trauma is just one of one of many benefits.
Deb Briese on touching people's lives
Being a nurse requires special skills, a caring outlook, a warm touch and an uncommon personality. Nurse manager Deb Briese explains why she loves nursing.
Dr. Jennifer Orning on tough situations
Dr. Jennifer Orning, the first female neurosurgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina, loves practicing her specialty, but she admits that some of the trauma she encounters when treating children can be heartbreaking.
Dr. Jennifer Orning on good outcomes
Health care providers face real-life drama every day in caring for trauma patients. This is the first part of a series where providers share how they deal with these situations and why patients and family always come first.
Bo Clarke on track to lose 100 pounds
Bo Clarke’s been making steady progress towards his long-term goal of losing 100 pounds. See how he manages to stay on track and stay motivated in his own words.
Granddaughter's wedding live-streamed for patient from hospital room
Registered nurse Donna Salyer didn't want Wanda and Paul Jacobs to miss their granddaughter's wedding, so she sought a little help from her husband and team to ensure the couple could join the celebration from afar.
Losing 100 pounds with discipline
Bo Clarke wants to regain control of his weight. Beginning in early August, Clarke started running every morning before work. He wants to lose 100 pounds.
Professionalism in patient care at its finest
Christine Keaveny has dedicated her 15-year career to providing the most remarkable care to her patients in northern Virginia.
Personalized care when it matters most
Registered nurse Jacquelyn Roberts understands that her patients are people with unique life stories. When she heard the love story of Elliott and Addie Hanscom, she planned a surprise anniversary party.
Treating everyone like family
Cindy Oldaker is the only certified radiology nurse at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center. She has been in nursing for more than 34 years, and she can’t imagine doing anything else!
Remembering Angie Fisher
Angie Fisher left behind a legacy of compassion and empathy. She was an incredible part of the Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center team and dedicated much of her career to caring for patients in the Brunswick community.
Jennifer Hall provides compassionate care for a special needs patient
Jennifer Hall has an undeniable love for nursing and a passion for serving others, according to her managers. She was recognized for her remarkable patient care with a DAISY Award.
Andrea Connick shows support to a patient's wife
Andrea Connick, a nurse with the critical care team at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center, sees first-hand the difficult choices many patients and family members have to make.
Laurie Mathis provides compassionate care for cancer patients
Laurie Mathis has made providing the highest quality care for patients and their families throughout their cancer journey her highest priority during her 38-year medical career.
Lauren Hubbard provides compassionate care to children
Lauren Hubbard, a pediatric nurse at Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital, made all the difference for a 14-year-old boy who was brought to the United States to receive advanced medical treatment.
Up close with Novant Health certified nurse midwives
Alexandria "Alex" Montgomery and Nona Smith have seen it all during their careers as certified nurse midwives. Watch this video to learn more.
Certified nurse midwives share special moments in care and compassion
Midwifery is a long-established practice that has re-emerged in recent years among women looking for more holistic prenatal and postnatal care. Here’s a glimpse into the typical day of two certified nurse midwives.
Legally blind sleep technician finds his fit at sleep lab
Diagnosed with ocular albinism, Justin McMahan's doctors told his parents he would never be able to live a normal life. They chose not to let his condition hold him back.
Novant Health EMT stabilizes teenage victim until help arrives
In her 11 years as an emergency services paramedic at Novant Health, Marie Hildreth has seen all sorts of trauma up close and personal.
Volunteers travel abroad to work alongside doctors and nurses
Novant Health employees travel to Ghana to train local nurses on how to improve medical care for mothers and their infants.
Five siblings follow in mom's footsteps for nursing career
Janet Clayton always told her children that becoming a nurse is the best career decision anyone could make.
Plastic surgeon returns to Brunswick County beaches to follow in father’s footsteps
With his impressive credentials, Dr. Phillip Khan had job offers from across the country, but what he really wanted was to return home to the Brunswick County beaches and surrounding area.
Doctors work to discover best treatment for carotid artery disease
As part of a new National Institutes of Health-sponsored nationwide study, doctors at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center are helping determine if medication and lifestyle management can treat carotid blockages.
Black-and-white book pages boost infant development
High contrast colors are easier for infants to see and help with visual stimulation.