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  • Back on track
    How the right diagnosis got a star athlete back on track
  • ‘An extra layer of support’
    Residency program helps new nurses settle into the job
  • New hope for heart failure patients
    Congestive heart failure treatment lets patient return to work. And fishing.
  • Regaining control
    Exercise program helps women tackle incontinence
  • A condition often misunderstood
    The truth about ‘nervous tics’
  • A stroke at 45? She was stunned
    How a clinic helped a stroke victim change her outlook

3 things you need to know as we head into sneezing season
The arrival of spring brings longer days, warmer weather … and an explosion of pollen that torments those of us with allergies. It can be hard sometimes to know whether you’re suffering from a cold or an allergy.
Weight-loss surgery is a commitment, not a quick fix
Contrary to widespread belief, weight-loss surgery is not a quick way to effortlessly shed pounds. Having a gastric bypass or vertical sleeve procedure that reduces the size of the stomach is not a fast fix.
How one hospital therapist helps patients help themselves
How do therapists help hospital patients heal faster? At Forsyth Medical Center, Jessica Bruno works closely with patients to stay calm and focus on getting their lives back.
6 tools every parent needs for raising teens
Smart phones and social media have complicated being a teenager and a parent alike. Dr. Andy Shulstad offers his take on how parents can raise a happy and healthy teen.
Exercise program helps women tackle incontinence
Loss of bladder control is more common than you might think. 25 million people in the United States experience urinary incontinence.
A doctor’s biggest lesson? Humility.
If I am asked to sum up the lessons I have learned in medicine in one word, my answer is always the same – humility. There is a reason we hesitate to call medicine a science. Science has rules; medicine, not so much.
How a hospital volunteer helps others … and gets her steps in
Want to make a difference? Novant Health Volunteer Services is currently recruiting Volunteer Ambassadors to serve in various areas throughout its facilities.