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  • Breaking barriers
    Dr. Snow Daws got her game on as a high school football team kicker
  • Beyond the headlines
    The World Cup is a great time to talk youth soccer safety
  • ‘Like a Christmas present to myself’
    How a new knee gave a hiker back her life
  • Sunscreen for dark skin is a must
    People with darker skin tones still at risk of skin damage
  • Nagging is not an option
    5 ways to get your guy to see the doctor

Program puts more young doctors on the ‘front lines’
Shortfalls are expected to be up to 50,000 family docs by 2025 and not just in rural areas. Novant Health's fast-growing family medicine residency program is working to ease the shortage.
Cancer patient pays it forward…1,700 times
Since 2009, A Charlotte woman and a small group of volunteers have been stepping up to provide gift bags to first-time chemo patients at Presbyterian Medical Center.
How to minimize the pain and damage high heels can cause
Some common-sense solutions to solving the misery that can come with wearing high heels.
Fast-action may have saved young stroke victim
Without quick action, young woman's story could have ended very differently. Bottom line: call 911 when you see someone with these symptoms. Waiting can be deadly.
Is protein ice cream really better for you?
“Proceed with caution. At the end of the day, it is still ice cream. It should still be considered a treat.” said Kimberly Spatola, Novant Health register dietitian.
How one labor and delivery nurse inspired so many
Almost three decades ago, a new mom changed her career path after watching her labor and delivery nurse in action. That set off a chain reaction that no one could have predicted.
You no longer need to use your mouth for most CPR. Here’s why.
For 50 years, CPR has been a lifesaving technique of chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing for people whose heart has stopped.Now research shows that using only compressions can be just as effective.
A runner collapsed. A nurse was there.
Watch what happened the morning of a Charlotte 8K Road Race, where Elaine Barnes met Nate Taylor in a way neither of them ever expected.
From ACL injury to full speed again for high school athlete
High School senior Jose Romero was in the best shape of his life when a football injury last August came out of nowhere to sideline him. Here's how he pulled off a speedy recovery.