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  • 'I still have my mother'
    Minimally invasive brain clot surgery using new device is a first in NC
  • Try water and a banana
    Why you, or your kids, probably don’t need a sports drink
  • The lowdown on high heels
    How to minimize the pain and damage high heels can cause
  • Making magic in 12 seconds
    How a NASCAR 'gas man' got back in the race
  • Nagging is not an option
    5 ways to get your guy to see the doctor

She lost 115 pounds after bariatric surgery. Commitment was key.
Tricia Thomas could not be happier. She lost more than 100 pounds after undergoing weight-loss surgery. But the procedure was just part of a long journey that requires commitment and hard work to keeping the weight off.
Exercise program helps women tackle incontinence
Loss of bladder control is more common than you might think. 25 million people in the United States experience urinary incontinence.
How one hospital therapist helps patients help themselves
How do therapists help hospital patients heal faster? At Forsyth Medical Center, Jessica Bruno works closely with patients to stay calm and focus on getting their lives back.
How service animals can play a huge role for patients
Service dogs are playing a bigger role than ever in American health care. While they aren't an everyday event at most hospitals, they aren’t uncommon.
A doctor’s biggest lesson? Humility.
If I am asked to sum up the lessons I have learned in medicine in one word, my answer is always the same – humility. There is a reason we hesitate to call medicine a science. Science has rules; medicine, not so much.
This free pharmacy means everything to those in need
Paying for pricy prescriptions can be impossible for low-income people who don't have health insurance. In Winston-Salem, Crisis Control Pharmacy, with support from Novant Health Social Responsibility, steps in to help.
9 things you need to know about treating varicose veins
There are “spider” veins that resemble “granddaddy long legs” and may be unappealing to some who have them. Varicose veins — which cause discomfort — are a different story.
They needed a handicap ramp. A nurse took care of it.
“I told Travis, ‘We need to build a ramp, and we need to have it done before Dec. 22, because that’s when Barbara is going home,’” Morgan said. Travis and his church members swung into action.
Here’s why doctors can diagnose asthma earlier today
When it comes to asthma and kids — particularly infants and toddlers — the thinking among pediatricians has changed considerably in the past couple of decades.
He’s back with his accordion, thanks to TAVR heart procedure
“I had surgery on a Thursday morning and there I am sitting at home at noon on Saturday, shaking my head in amazement. What a difference a couple days make.”