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  • I’ll skip the pedestal, thank you
    A doctor’s biggest lesson? Humility.
  • It's not 'alternative' medicine
    Integrative medicine attends to mind, body and spirit
  • It started on a long flight
    Lesson Learned: Ignoring persistent pain is a bad idea
  • ‘An extra layer of support’
    Residency program helps new nurses settle into the job
  • Monitor their screen time
    Working through the good…and sometimes awkward ages of 6-10

Integrative medicine attends to mind, body and spirit
Integrative medicine combines conventional Western medicine with complementary treatments, such as acupuncture, massage, yoga therapy, and stress reduction techniques – all in an effort to support the whole person.
A behind-the-scenes look at what keeps operating rooms safe
The foundations of operating-room patient safety are built on teamwork, readiness and a relentless commitment to following the proven best practices. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the key building blocks at Novant Health.
Cardiac ‘cath lab’ services spread to suburbs in Charlotte
As heart-care labs spread to smaller medical centers across the United States, patients in suburban Charlotte have more options for receiving services in their own backyard.
‘Doctors and nurses take care of patients. I take care of everybody.’
Here's what it's like to walk a mile in the shoes of a busy hospital medical unit receptionist who's focused on one thing: you.
Here’s how hospitals stay open when everyone else closes
When it comes to dealing with disasters, TV’s doomsday-prep reality shows have nothing on Novant Health medical centers. Bunker-like protection for critical equipment? Check. Stockpiles of fuel? Check.
EXOS helps athletes recover, prevent future injuries
Novant Health Sports & Performance Medicine powered by EXOS is an innovative sports and fitness training facility in Huntersville formed through a partnership between Novant Health and EXOS, a global leader in the health and wellness space.
How to prevent overuse injuries in active kids
Keeping kids active early sets them up to win for a number of reasons, but with any activity comes certain risks. Read on to learn how to keep young people safe and healthy, whatever their sport.
Drug, surgery and implant options for people with epilepsy
An estimated 3.4 million Americans live with epilepsy. Still, many people with the condition lead a normal life and described treatment options, which can include medication, surgery and implanted devices.