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  • Seeking refuge
    Novant Health writer volunteers at international camp
  • Wine and chocolate: The perfect pair
    Your sweetheart's gifts can be good for your heart
  • Women and heart attacks
    Heart attack symptoms in women are often different from men
  • Don't skip a beat
    Heart disease risk factors you need to know

Counselor shares her art with patients
Cindy Soots uses her gift of painting to brighten the day of patients recovering at Novant Health.
Heart disease can occur at any age
Young people can be vulnerable to heart disease, too. One 36-year-old shares his story about having a heart attack last fall.
Why one family is advocating for early detection
Even the youngest of children can have heart conditions such as irregular heart beat that can lead to cardiac arrest. Here is the story of one such little boy and how his pediatric cardiologist has helped him live a normal life.
Deb Briese on providing comfort in a crisis
Not all patient outcomes are positive. Some situations are beyond the care team’s control, but the impact nurses can have on families during these crises is immeasurable. Here's one story from the Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center ICU.
Tips for easing cold and flu symptoms
If the flu comes to call this season, send nasty symptoms packing quicker with tricks recommended by medical professionals.
Tips for adding more activity to your routine
Fitting exercise into a busy schedule can seem like a daunting task, but it can be easier than you think. Here are seven easy tips.