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Patients as partners

Healthcare experiences of any kind can create vulnerability; everyone deserves an advocate with your best interest at heart. Tune in to hear about the people and programs in place to ensure that you are not alone and that you have a partner during your healthcare journey. We learn the most about what our patient’s need from our patients, when they need us.

Novant Health Patients as partners podcast

Are you ok with "leaving it to chance" when it comes to your end of life care

February 25, 2020
This is your chance to set some expectations for the unexpected. Adam Koontz, Novant Health's advance care planning director, delivers more solid information in this episode about ways you can plan for end of life. He goes beyond the plans that are coordinated when you're in good health and speaks on planning when the end is near. A must listen for anyone facing this issue or loved ones that may be caring for someone near end of life.

A grandmother's gift that continues to give/span>

February 25, 2020
Adam Koontz join us once again for this final episode on advance care planning. He tells two poignant stories from his own personal experiences but with two very different outcomes. Adam credits his current role as director of advance care planning at Novant Health, to these two experiences and the end of life journey of his loved ones.

Getting your "affairs in order": how to do it and who to engage in advance care planning

February 18, 2020
It's not as bad as you think...getting your affairs in order when it comes to your healthcare. Advance care planning puts you in control of your care plan, even during the times when you are at a loss for control. Adam Koontz joins us once again to discuss the logistics and the best people to engage as you develop your advance care plan.

I just want my coffee!: Who can help you speak up for your wishes in the hospital

December 3, 2019
This example is want a cup of coffee as you recover in the hospital against your physician's advice. But what happens when you have more complex issues that are in conflict with your physician or family about your care plan? Novant Health's Shared Decision Making service is available to assist in making the best decision for our patients.
Any Novant Health patient, loved one or physician can consult the Shared Decision Making service by calling their toll-free 24/7.


What does it mean to advocate for patients when ethical decisions are at stake?

December 3, 2019
When you can't speak for yourself, they are there. Novant Health's Shared Decision Making services are integral in helping to understand the best way to advocate for our patients. Hear more about our 29,000+ advocates at Novant Health and why this culture is so important to ensure our patients get the best care when they need it the most.

How to keep all views in perspective with healthcare decisions, big and small!

December 3, 2019
Learn more about tough decisions and the skilled team that intervenes to help guide the discussions and ultimately decisions for our patients, loved ones and care team. Shared decision making services at Novant Health are an option to help make the right decisions for your health or the health of your loved ones. Hear more on this from Deb Love, Novant Health's bioethics, spiritual care and healing arts senior director.