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Developing mutually-beneficial and successful partnerships

Novant Health is committed to developing mutually-beneficial and successful partnerships with diverse suppliers by incorporating them into the everyday process of category reviews and product or service bids. Novant Health views supplier diversity as an important part of its diversity commitment, recognizing that diverse businesses remain challenged with securing capital for business growth, thereby impacting their ability to more effectively compete. That's why we're excited to partner with M&F Bank to provide the Diverse Supplier Community Reinvestment program, which offers expedited access to bank loans at competitive rates.

It is the intent of Novant Health to be an industry leader at providing historically underutilized businesses the opportunity to participate in the procurement process at both Tier I and Tier II levels. Historically underutilized suppliers and contractors include those that are owned by women, people with disabilities, veterans and ethnic minorities, such as African-Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics.