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Investment programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated all of us to act differently – personally, as organizations and as a nation. Nowhere are these changes more evident than with healthcare systems across the globe and across the country. At Novant Health, our practice of giving to charitable organizations and support of community sponsorships is one area that is impacted by the current health crisis. To conserve critical resources and maximize our ability to provide direct patient care for the communities we serve, we are limiting charitable contributions and sponsorships at this time. Please contact us at the email addresses below with questions.

Community Engagement works to support the overall Novant Health mission through programs and partnerships that are strategically focused on achieving health equity –  improving health and upward mobility in all communities, especially those that need it most.

Novant Health provides philanthropic support to address identified health and social needs vital to each communities’ well-being with the following priorities:

For more detailed information, you can download our general factsheet.

Novant Health is committed to supporting the communities it serves through charitable contributions that are designed to improve the health of the community by investing in community-based programs that align with our three investment priorities of health and human services, environment, and education. Priority will be added to organizations with programs that improve the identified health needs of the at-risk populations in the communities we serve, identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Novant Health also provides sponsorships for specific events and programs. Due to our focus on health impact we prioritize charitable contributions over sponsorship requests, therefore sponsorship of events are limited and highly competitive. 

Please note: If you would also like to be considered for funding for event sponsorships, please ensure you fill out the sponsorship application as well as the charitable contributions application. Novant Health only provides funding to organizations once in a 12-month period.

Please evaluate your funding needs, program goals and desired outcomes to determine which funding program to pursue. We highly suggest reviewing our funding guidelines before completing your application.

Contribution requests will be accepted on the following timeline. Sponsorship applications are accepted during either period.

Investment priority
Request for proposals (RFP) timeline
Expanding Opportunity through Education
January 1 to February 7
Developing Healthy Communities
August 1 to September 7

If you are interested in applying for funding or learning more about our process, click here.

Greater Winston Salem Market:
[email protected]

Eastern Market:
Brunswick: [email protected]
NHNHRMC: [email protected]

Greater Charlotte Market:
[email protected]
Rowan: [email protected]

 Expanding Opportunity through Education

To build the pipeline of future healthcare workers, foster equity and upward mobility through educational opportunities


  • Support early childhood (ages 0-5) development programs
  • Enhance workforce development opportunities for communities that need them the most
  • Enhance college and career readiness in the medial and health sciences career pathways
 Developing Healthy Communities

To improve the health of individuals in our communities by promoting health, healing and treatment in response to identified community health needs.


  • Increase access to healthcare services through programs that address transportation, medication assistance, medical home connection programs
  • Promote healthy behaviors, awareness of risk factors, access to resources focused on mental health, substance use disorder, and chronic disease management and prevention
  • Support safe and healthy neighborhoods
  • Expand safe and healthy housing opportunities for neighbors in need
  • Increase access to healthy food and food security