Hemby Children's Hospital


For when you seek spiritual support and guidance

When you or your family feel the need for spiritual support and guidance, our chaplains are available to offer comfort and prayer. They provide non-religious, spiritual support for patients and families of all faiths.

For more information about chaplaincy services, call:


Our chaplains have particular empathy for your needs as a parent when your child is hospitalized and undergoing medical treatments and procedures. They provide a listening presence and serve as support throughout your child’s hospitalization. You may discover a special need for spiritual inquiry or prayer during times of crisis and this free service is available to you and your family 24 hours a day.

Chaplains can provide:

  • A listening ear as you experience tangled emotions and fears
  • Supportive prayer and guidance
  • Suggestions for community resources and places of worship
  • Ideas for other resources at Hemby Children's Hospital that may provide additional assistance

For more information about chaplaincy services or to ask a chaplain to visit your room, please call 704-384-4168 or visit the chaplain’s office on the first floor of the hospital. You child’s care team can also connect you with chaplaincy services.