Hemby Children's Hospital

CaringBridge patient websites

Creating a CaringBridge website

When your child is in the hospital, the support of family and friends can make all of the difference in the child's recovery. That’s why we sponsor CaringBridge, a free website service for you to connect with family and friends, keep them informed of your child’s progress, and for them to share their well wishes and messages of hope.

Benefits of a CaringBridge website:

  • Spend less time making phone calls and repeating information. 
  • By making daily posts on a CaringBridge website, you can keep friends and family informed and have more time to spend focusing on wellness and recovery.
  • Receive support and inspiration by encouraging visitors to post messages within the included guest book.
  • No knowledge of website programming required.
  • Privacy settings enable you to control who has access to your site. 
  • This service is FREE.

For more information or to set up a patient care page, visit the CaringBridge website.