Belly won’t budge? Skinny jeans won’t slide on? Or maybe those final five pounds you need to lose are being extra unforgiving.

Here are 10 favorite tips you can start using today to keep your weight in check and find a healthier you.

Make yourself a priority. “When schedules get busy, your health is always the first thing to go,” said Dr. David Voellinger of Novant Health Bariatric Solutions. “Make exercise, eating well and taking good care of yourself a daily priority. Start scheduling around your activities instead of the other way around.”

Stop calling it “working out.” You work hard enough. Be active. “Keep your activities varied and burn calories doing things you love,” said Voellinger. “Walk your dog, hike, ride a bike, play football with your kids. Just keep moving.”

Count calories. And be honest. “If counting calories is not for you, at least keep a food log. Keep track of what’s going in your mouth. You’ll be surprised how much more reliable your records are when stacked against your memory of what you ate. There are a lot of apps out there to help you”

Eat better after you exercise. “Stop thinking you’ve earned a cheat meal because you got moving,” said Voellinger. “The most strenuous of activities is quickly undone by poor choices post workout.”

Ditch the salt. It’ll only make you hungrier and thirstier and can lead to weight gain, bloating and the inability to lose stubborn pounds.

Dump the diet soda, while you’re at it. Studies show that artificial sweeteners contribute to metabolic syndrome and can be associated with diabetes. If you need the fizz, try a carbonated water instead.

Never go hungry. “Keep healthy snacks nearby – an ounce of pistachios, a hard-boiled egg or a quarter-cup of raisins,” said Voellinger. “Focus on nutrient balance – carbs, protein and fat working together – every time you eat to stay fuller longer.” Best way to keep hunger at bay are snacks that are high in protein and fiber.

Drink lots of water. Water is essential to staying hydrated and water weight retention is usually caused by not enough. You’ll feel fuller while consuming less calories.

Measure your progress by how clothing fits, not by what the scale says. “The scale isn’t always your best friend or the best way to gauge weight loss, especially if you’re building muscle through regular exercise,” Voellinger said. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat.

Don’t stress when you fall off the wagon. Lasting change requires a lifestyle shift, not just a fad diet. Make your healthy lifestyle sustainable by not sweating the small slipups. Start anew with your next meal or the next day.