If you have a vaccine appointment but no longer need it, Novant Health asks that you cancel your appointment. This is extremely important as no-show rates are high – at some events up to 10%. We explain how to cancel an appointment and offer other answers to the latest batch of questions from Healthy Headlines readers.

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How can I cancel a COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

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People who would like to cancel a vaccine appointment are encouraged to do so in MyChart. This can be done by clicking “Cancel Appointment” under Appointment Details in MyChart. (See image.) If you do not have MyChart, please call 855-648-2248 for assistance.

Do I need to schedule a vaccine appointment in advance?

All Novant Health vaccination sites are now accepting walk-ins – as supply allows. We do encourage people to make an appointment, but if someone has an unexpected free hour at work or finds themselves in the area, we invite them to pop-in and get their vaccine. Click here for a list of locations.

Where are we with vaccinations for children?

Moderna (now available for those 18 and older) has started the clinical trials for children. It should take about three months to get the phase III results, so hopefully by summer we will have COVID-19 vaccinations for our children.

Under Group 4, people age 16 and older working in essential services can receive the Pfizer vaccine. It is the only COVID-19 vaccine for teenagers who are under age 18.

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Immediate reactions after the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine seem to be higher. I’m hearing reports of people passing out within minutes of administration. Why is this?

We don't believe that vasovagal reactions (fainting) are any more common with this vaccine than with other vaccines. We are following this, but we don't anticipate a long-term issue. This is another reason patients are monitored for a short time after receiving the vaccine.

It is recommended that people wait 15 minutes before leaving the vaccination site – just to be certain that there is not an adverse reaction. While a reaction is rare, it’s important to wait for a short period of time while there is medical supervision. Those who have a history of adverse reactions to injections are advised to wait 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes. Patients should also tell their provider if they've had a bad reaction to an injection in the past.

Is there any data that supports the COVID-19 vaccine causing shingles?

No. Getting COVID-19 itself may lead to a higher risk of shingles, but the vaccine will not cause shingles.

Will there be a vaccine or booster for the COVID-19 variants?

We don't know yet, but it may be necessary in the years ahead.