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July 12, 2019

How intermittent fasting works. And doesn’t.

One of the hottest at the moment: intermittent fasting. But does it really work?
July 11, 2019

Brain surgery restores life for patient after 18 years of suffering

When they said it couldn't be done, Andrea kept the faith. And after advanced surgery she's determined to play piano again.
July 10, 2019

What happens when your largest bone is damaged?

How did a high-school basketball phenom recover from a rare injury to his femur?
July 8, 2019

A doctor’s dilemma: Was another test really necessary?

When a parent ask for extra tests on a child that seems perfectly fine, what do I do? Well, it depends.
June 28, 2019

Arizona - Saudi Arabia - Kernersville, a nurse’s journey

Her nursing career of nearly five decades includes caring for patients in several countries.

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How a Parkinson’s patient got her mobility back

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If you’re like me, attempting to eat real food on a budget can be a challenge. I asked a dietitian to share her tips.

A stunning diagnosis of HIV – and the surprise that followed

An HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence it once was. Nicole Dye has learned a lot on her journey.