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Your birthing experience

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Create a plan that fits your preferences and values

We’re committed to helping you create a birth experience that fits your medical needs and personal values. Most importantly, you and your child will have the exceptional care at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center that has been helping families grow for 100 years. Our medical team stands apart in the region because it is comprised of highly trained obstetricians and midwives, nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists. You can trust their expertise and their commitment to giving you the best care possible.

You’ll labor in one of our comfortable birthing suites. In the active phase of labor, you will receive one-to-one nursing care. Natural birthing options are available, and we provide birthing and yoga balls, squat bars and nitrous oxide for coping with labor. You may also have the option to choose warm water immersion, also known as hydrotherapy, during labor.

Professional photography of your newborn. You’ll receive a password-protected webpage to easily share with friends and family and have the opportunity to create birth announcements, photo packages as gifts, and baby keepsakes. This service is available based on location and hospital guidelines.

Welcome your baby in a spacious, calming and comfortable environment. Our newly renovated labor and delivery rooms – many with hydrotherapy tubs – create a warm, intimate setting for your birth experience. For family and friends, our ample first-floor waiting room is a convenient place to relax, watch TV, or charge devices and work, all while being close enough to greet the newest family member.

Birth preparation guide

The anticipated birth of your child is a joyous time as well as a time of diligent preparation. We want to help make this experience one that you will look back on with warm, positive memories. To help with this, we have developed this birth preparation guide that we suggest you complete, review with your doctor, and bring with you at your time of delivery. By doing so, we will all know what you consider a great birth experience to be.

Please remember that labor can be unpredictable, so good communication throughout the birth process is key to a positive outcome. While we will make every effort to accommodate your wishes, our priority is to ensure a safe and healthy delivery experience.

Keeping you safe

Safety and quality for you and your baby are our first priorities, so you will have access to a range of advanced services, should you need them. Depending on your condition, this can include:

  • Early assessment and active health management to prevent complications
  • A perinatal coordinator to plan care for high-risk patients and expectant mothers transferring into our care or those who will have induction or cesarean section
  • Obstetrics emergency room for care after 14 weeks of pregnancy or during premature labor
  • A level 3-b neonatal intensive care unit for children of early or urgent deliveries
  • Breastfeeding assistance during your first hour after delivery
  • A comfortable mother-baby unit, where your family can stay together for the rest of your stay.

Obstetrics emergency department

We use resources that have been in place through 300,000 plus deliveries to respond to emergencies such as pain, vomiting, dehydration or bleeding at 14 or more weeks of pregnancy. We offer:

  • A team that includes obstetrics anesthesiologists, maternal-fetal medicine physicians, experienced nurses, a dedicated operating room team and a neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) response team.
  • Evaluations by board-certified obstetricians.
  • Care may be delivered in our dedicated operating rooms or labor and delivery room.
  • Monitoring for babies in our level 3b nicu, if needed.