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Exercise is an important factor in weight loss for everyone

When you are exercising:

  • Your body burns fat to produce energy, which will help you maintain your weight or lose weight more easily.
  • Your heart pumps more blood and extracts more oxygen, which helps prevent heart and lung disease.
  • Your pituitary gland produces endorphins, which reduce stress, elevate your mood and moderate your appetite.
  • Your bones get stronger, slowing bone loss that can come with age.
  • Your bones become less susceptible to certain cancers.

It isn't easy staying motivated to exercise, especially if you're a beginner. If you're trying to make exercise a habit, you may be surprised to learn that even veteran exercisers can lose motivation. Some of the most common factors that decrease motivation are:

  • Focusing on the scale
  • Working too hard—start easy and work your way up
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Giving up too soon.

Here are a few tips for making exercise a part of your daily routine:

  • Exercise as early as possible. Sometimes if you wait until the evening, other things come up. 
  • Plan indoor and outdoor activities that you and your kids enjoy.
  • When shopping at the mall, take a couple of laps around the mall before you head home.
  • Instead of spending hours on the phone talking to friends, make walk / talk dates.
  • Lift arm / hand weights while watching TV.
  • Do sit-ups before getting in the shower.
  • If you can't spare 30 minutes at one time for exercise, split it into three, 10-minute segments.

For more information about the family / adolescent weight management programs, contact the Novant Health Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center at 336-718-3780 or call toll free 1-888-218-1234.