Caregiver Resources

Caring for those who care for others.

The decision to become the primary caregiver for a parent or other loved one is a choice that needs to be carefully considered. It’s not only assuming the responsibility for another individual’s well-being, but it’s recognizing that your life may change significantly as well.

In choosing to become a caregiver, you must balance the wishes of your loved one with your ability and means to respect those wishes. Choices in housing, nutrition, medical care and financial stability may now be yours to make. In addition, you may be struggling to incorporate your new duties into your existing responsibilities, such as your children, spouse and career.


Choices and Champions

Novant Health is here to help make your role as a caregiver easier. This site will give you useful information, and link you to Novant Health programs and services designed for both those who are new to caregiving and those who are currently providing care to a loved one.