We combine modern medical advancements with holistic perspectives

Your body is made up of systems that are related. When one part of you is injured, it can also affect other areas of your health. If you want to experience healthcare that takes into account your lifestyle as well as your physical symptoms, visit us at Novant Health Primary Care NoDa.

Our team specializes in osteopathic medicine. This branch of medicine focuses on looking at your health and your lifestyle holistically, taking into account seemingly unrelated medical concerns to help paint a larger picture of your overall wellness. This care can also include hands-on therapy (osteopathic manipulative treatment) that can help relieve conditions such as migraines and muscle pain.

As a primary care clinic, we also offer annual physicals and care for illnesses and injuries. If you or family members need stitches (sutures) for a minor cut or treatment for a bacterial infection, we can give you the quality care you need.

Our clinic is located in the North Davidson (NoDa) neighborhood, at the 36th Street Station of the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte. We are between The Chamber by Wooden Robot and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. We look forward to serving you and your family.