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When your child is unable to get enough rest, contact a sleep specialist

If your child is not sleeping well, finding it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep, it is easy to wonder if these problems may be temporary and not much cause for concern. The same is true when night terrors or bed wetting are causing your child to wake up. A few nights of poor sleep might not be a reason to worry. If your child consistently has problems sleeping, or if a lack or restful sleep is affecting performance at school or other activities, it is time to consult a pediatric sleep specialist.

The providers at Novant Health Pediatric Sleep Medicine – Carmel diagnose and manage sleep disorders that affect children from birth to age 18. We listen to your child’s concerns and yours, and then help you identify issues that could be preventing restful sleep. We will work to develop a unique management or treatment plan that is right for your family.

Our clinic is located on Carmel Road in south Charlotte. We are convenient to the Pineville and Ballantyne areas.