You can receive the same orthopedic and sports medicine care trusted by professional athletes close to where you live

Keeping you as healthy and active as possible is the mission of Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine – Albemarle. Whether you are suffering from an acute sports injury or a chronic orthopedic condition, our board-certified surgeons and skilled care teams make the high-quality care you deserve available close to where you live.

We work to quickly provide an accurate diagnosis so you can make educated decisions about your treatment. You benefit from our ongoing investment in advanced orthopedic technology including on-site X-rays, diagnostic ultrasounds and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) tests that help us assess your injury or condition. Should you require care for a fracture or an orthopedic brace, we offer those services and others in our office, meaning your treatment can begin without delay.

We understand that the success of orthopedic treatments is closely tied to your overall health. That’s why we work with you at the start of your personalized care plan to identify any obstacles to success. If issues regarding weight, mental health, blood sugar or smoking could stand in the way of successful treatment, we help you to address those. And we will work with you to keep your treatment and recovery on track, making sure you have easy access to physical therapy or other rehabilitation services.

We care for patients ages 2 and older. Our clinic is located on U.S. Highway 52, just north of downtown Albemarle. We are easily reached from Locust, Norwood and Troy, North Carolina. Visit our locations page to learn more about our office as well as additional orthopedics and sports medicine locations.