Visit a neurologist for help with headaches, seizures and problems with movement

At Novant Health Neurology – Rutherford, our goal is to serve children and adults who need help because of a condition affecting the brain or nervous system. Often our work begins by closely studying symptoms to help us provide an accurate diagnosis. Symptoms of a neurological condition can include headaches, seizures, problems with sleep, or difficulty moving around. Neurological care by a qualified specialists also is important after a stroke, concussion and many other serious medical emergencies. Our care team will work with you to offer effective treatment options that help you get back to your routine, whether that includes work, school or play.

Our medical team includes a board-certified neurologists whose training and experience has been dedicated to helping people understand the cause of their symptoms and get relief from them. In our clinic, you’ll have access to advanced technology and services delivered with compassion to move you toward wellness.

Our office is located in the Outpatient Services area of Rutherford Regional Hospital, near state Highway 108 in Rutherford County and convenient to U.S. highways 64 and 74.