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The first step to getting relief from headache pain is understanding what is causing that pain. We will assess your entire health history along with your headache history to understand when your headaches started and what could be triggering them.

We also encourage you to look for patterns in your headaches. Do they correspond with changes in weather? Do they happen at predictable times each week or month? Do they follow certain meals or activities? Sometimes headache prevention can be as simple as understanding and avoiding these triggers when possible. Our team of headache experts use more advanced tools and methods to get to the root of your headaches and begin to determine the best treatment or treatments for them.


At Novant Health Headache Clinic - Union Cross, our board-certified neurologist and certified nurse practitioner are constantly researching the very latest headache treatment methods so you benefit from both their years of experience and cutting-edge treatments.

We offer a variety of headache and migraine treatments and management options including:

  • BOTOX®
  • Trigger point injections
  • SphenoCath®
  • Medicinal treatment
  • Lifestyle change planning


Like the rest of your health, headaches and headache symptoms evolve over time. A treatment that gives you pain relief today might not work two years from now. Similarly, a treatment you tried in the past that did not provide relief might be your ticket to pain relief today. Our providers will be here to follow up on your care and manage your treatment plan.