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Our goal is to help you determine what care you need for better breast health. We offer a range of treatments and services to achieve that mission. These include:

  • Removal of noncancerous lumps in your breast tissue (excisional biopsies for benign breast disease)
  • Examination of milk ducts (breast duct excision)
  • Drainage of fluid caused by an infection (breast abscesses)
  • Examination of lymph nodes to check for cancer (sentinel lymph node biopsy)
  • Removal of some chest-area lymph nodes (axillary lymph node dissection)
  • Removal of breast tissue (mastectomy) or some breast tissue (lumpectomy)
  • Reconstruction of breasts (oncoplastic surgery)

In addition, we offer the Hidden Scar technique for lumpectomy procedures. This technique is meant to make your scar nearly invisible when it heals. We also are trained to provide nipple-sparing mastectomies, ultrasound-guided procedures and surgeries and SAVI SCOUT radar localization for even more precise breast surgeries.