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 Current residents

Kayla Askey, PharmD (PGY-1)

Kayla Askey, PharmDCollege of Pharmacy: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Areas of Interest: Emergency medicine, infectious diseases, critical care, academia
Research Project: Implementation of a pharmacist-driven smoking cessation program
MUE: The effect of gastrointestinal (GI) BioFire panel on medication management
Why Novant: I was really interested in the wide variety of rotation options to allow me flexibility in my training. I was also impressed with everyone I spoke with during my interview. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive.
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: Try new places to eat, especially when I can bring my dog along!
Email: [email protected]

Cassidy Blaiss, PharmD (PGY-1)

Cassidy Blaiss, PharmDCollege of Pharmacy: UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Areas of Interest: Hematology/Oncology
Research Project: Evaluation of Glycemic Control with Glucommander in Patients with Malignancy
MUE: Modafinil for wakefulness in ischemic stroke
Why Novant: I chose Novant because I had a great experience here on a rotation as a fourth year student and knew it was a good fit for me!
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: Go rock climbing at Inner Peaks!
Email: [email protected]

Melinda Cook, PharmD (PGY-1)

Melinda Cook, PharmDCollege of Pharmacy: University of Michigan
Areas of Interest: Oncology
Research Project: Evaluation of toxicities and outcomes associated with conversion of nivolumab 240mg and 480mg
MUE: Pre-data Total Antimicrobial Duration Received Inpatient and Upon Discharge for PNA/UTI
Why Novant: Novant offers a wide range of specialties to gain experience in, allowing residents to become well rounded clinical pharmacists. Novant’s pharmacy department is also very welcoming and I always have the support I need!
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: I like trying all the local restaurants and breweries in Charlotte.
Email: [email protected]

Stanley Dowell, PharmD, MBA (PGY-1 HSPAL)

Stanley Dowell, PharmD, MBACollege of Pharmacy: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Areas of Interest: Medication Safety, Inpatient Operations
Research Project: Precision Medicine: Assessment of formulary opportunities for pharmacogenomics testing and process development/implementation at NH facilities.
MUE: Status Epilepticus Dosing in the ED
Why Novant: I felt that Novant Health would provide me with well-rounded clinical and administrative training. As a large health system, I was excited about the opportunity to learn from so many experienced and forward thinking leaders.
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: So far I have really been enjoying all of the local biking trails and breweries.
Email: [email protected]

Sommer E. Farmer, PharmD (PGY-1)

Sommer E. Farmer, PharmDCollege of Pharmacy: University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy
Areas of Interest: Infectious disease, Emergency medicine, Cardiology
Research Project: Clinical Impact and Outcomes Associated with Del Nido Cardioplegia Compared with Alternatives
MUE: Empiric Atypical Coverage for Pneumonia with Multi-Drug Resistant Organism Risk Factors
Why Novant: I picked Novant because it had such a welcoming atmosphere at my interview and I could see myself growing as a clinical pharmacist here.
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: Charlotte has so many breweries and a variety of eateries that I have been trying out a new one at least once a week.
Email: [email protected]

Sydney Taylor Israel , PharmD (PGY-1)

Sydney Taylor Israel , PharmDCollege of Pharmacy: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy
Areas of Interest: Pain/palliative care, HF clinic, internal medicine
Research Project: Comparison of Hydralazine and Labetalol for Blood Pressure Management in the ED
MUE: Assess the Effectiveness of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (Kcentra) Use in Cardiac Surgery
Why Novant: Novant Presbyterian Medical Center has everything I am looking for in a residency program. I was drawn in by the preceptors and variety of elective rotations that are offered. I really enjoy internal medicine and having the opportunity to further develop a strong foundation will help me regardless of my future endeavors.
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: Trying restaurants and exploring a new city!
Email: [email protected]

Omar Marzouk, PharmD (PGY-1)

Omar Marzouk, PharmDCollege of Pharmacy: University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy
Areas of Interest: Oncology, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, ID, Academia
Research Project: Azithromycin 500mg x 3 days for Atypical Coverage
MUE: Evaluation of Hyperkalemia Management
Why Novant: The diverse rotation experience offered here at NHPMC really drew me in! I feel as though this program will allow me to grow as a clinician and pursue a wide variety of opportunities in the future.
One thing you like to do in Charlotte: Go to a Panthers or Hornets game!
Email: [email protected]

 Past residents


Lauren Crump

Samantha Early

Amir Emamdjomeh

Jin Lim

Kristin Markiewicz

Claudia Ortiz-Lopez


Ellen Couchell

Juanne Lim

Anthony Nguyen

Kishan Patel

Jonathan Worley


Robin Feito, PharmD (PGY-1)
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Infectious Diseases, Oncology

Taylor Foore, PharmD (PGY-1)
South Carolina College of Pharmacy- University of South Carolina
Pediatrics, oncology, critical care

Kerri Greene, PharmD (PGY-1)
Wingate University School of Pharmacy
Emergency Medicine and Cardiology

Kimberly Lor, PharmD (PGY-1)
University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Cardiology and Pediatrics

Amy Parks Taylor, PharmD (PGY-1)
The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy
Infectious Diseases and Emergency Medicine


Brian Fisette

Jessica Glas

Jessica Humenik

Ashley Soule

Luc Trinh

Chelsea Wampole